My gut is wrenching because of what I've done;
It's such a morbid pleasure...
that I get from you.
I want you to tear me down again.

Tell me how badly I've hurt you.
Show me how harsh you feel;
I can take the punches.
Does it esclate your pulse too?

It's submission I'm showing to you.
I refrain from fighting only because I can't fight back.
It's all true; every single thing.
Yet, I don't feel the wrong until you lash me.

Your words cut into my emotions like a razor to my wrists.
Passion and pain bubble over only because you made them to.
I rather enjoy the feeling.

Don't deny me; I'll beg it of you if you'd like.
On second thought, I'd probably enjoy that too.
Please, I want you to tear me down again and again and again...