Born on accident, how did it feel to be torn from heaven?

Staring into endless space, how is the ocean view right now?

Who knew the crossroads would lead here? Uncertainity consumes

the atmosphere. Eye of the storm, please pause for a moment and

figure out why everything doesn't make any sense. Inevitable shutdown,

mental and emotional breakdown blacken the dawn. Suffering in silence,

what will be left of this infant innocence after sunset? At a loss for words

every hour, all this pantomime needs is time. Holding on loosely and yet

slowly letting go, life is a temporary gift. Shakable foundation, strange familiarity,

nevertheless a dying beauty. Worthless, blessings are considered to be vanity.

Trainwreck of the day, circus freak wear a crown of thorns. Sleep to dream, sleep

to die, please turn off the lights. Delicate burdensome mind, please come back home

before its too late. Adorn in tiedye, sweet cutie pie, sing a lullaby as a way to say