"Come on Matt! Where are we going?" I asked. "Almost there," he replied. We had been walking for ages. Soon I could see the large fence that protects our city from all of what's outside of the fence. "M-Matt why are we over here?" "There's a beautiful meadow just outside the fence." "MATTHEW GULLY! You know what's outside that fence!" He put his on my cheek, "it's alright Kenzee I will protect you." I smiled, "how do you plan to sneak over the fence anyways?" "My dads the president of Tomlinson I know all the escapes." He walked over to a supply shack next to the fence. "Matt what are you doing?" I asked, "come on!" He replied. I ran over to where he was. He walked inside and moved a few broken tiles from the floor. Right in front of my eyes was darkness, underground darkness. He jumped down then helped me down. We walked for about 1/3 of a mike then he found the other hole, cover up by a bush. He got up then checked the area, then helped me up. I had a moment of reality, We were outside of the fence! I clung to Matt's arm, "I'm scared." He just gave me a reassuring smile and wrapped his arm around me. We walked to a large meadow, it truly was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. We sat in the grass and talked for a long time. I don't quite remember what we talked about, what's important is that in the middle of one of my sentences, Matt leaned in and kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed back. He pushed me onto my back and I smiled and kissed him again. Then, the sirens went off. My eyes went wide, "Matt the zombies are coming."