The Afterlife Chronicles Book 1

This is my story. No one else.


It was quiet as Melissah Blackwood snuck out of her bedroom in the dead of night. Her nightgown flowed behind her illuminating an unearthly glow against her pale skin. Her brown hair looked black as she made her way out into the hallway of her summer home in England. Her light blue eyes glittered silver as she looked around a single unlit candle clutched to her chest. She knew that, if caught outside her room at this ungodly hour, she would die a horrid death at the hands of her demonic fiancée.

She made her way to her younger sister's room just three feet from her own and rapped on its door slightly.

"Sarabeth, it's time to go." She hissed quietly as her eyes darted around looking for anything in the shadows that will grab her and take her to Antonio. She heard nothing from within and she knocked a little harder her dark eyebrows knit together with confusion. "Sarabeth?"

Still no reply. Melissah's eyes widened as fright grasped at her heart. She opened the doors, stepped in, and lit the candle, which she was holding, with her finger. A dim glow lit the small space around her as she closed the doors behind her.

Everything looked in place around the bedroom as Melissah made her way over to the queen-sized bed. The drapes hung against the posts and a small lump was seen in the dark covers. "Sarabeth?"

No reply came and Melissah's instincts told her to run. She pulled back the dark blankets and nearly screamed.

A young girl was curled in the fetal position as blood surrounded her body. Her throat was slit and her green eyes were open and glassy as Melissah dropped the candle and stumbled back away from the bed.

"No. No!" She gasped in horror as she covered her mouth and tears poured from her eyes.

"She wouldn't tell me where you two were going once you left the palace. I had to kill her." The voice of Antonio said from behind her and Melissah turned around with frightened angered eyes.

"Murderer." She whispered and he laughed.

"Yes, well, you were going to leave. You see," he said with a smirk and Melissah took three steps back from him, "it would have been a shame for you to miss your wedding." Melissah fell back against the bed her little sister was on and felt around for the weapon that killed her.

Finding it, she held it in her hand and hid behind her back. She stood up and straightened her back looking the demon before her dead in the eye.

"I won't marry you." She stated and brought out the knife covered in Sarabeth's blood. "I won't marry anyone. I'll be dead by the time the clock strikes one."

"No!" Antonio cried out and took a step forward. Melissah brought the knife to her chest and Antonio froze his eyes on the bloodied knife.

"One more step, and my life will end." She whispered as a single tear fell from her silvery eyes. Her eyes watched the grandfather clock in the room as Antonio dived and she struck her chest and punctured her heart. She pulled the knife out and fell, her limbs flapping against the winds of her fall. Antonio caught her body and looked down at the woman before him in terror and sadness. She looked up at the demon in triumph and smiled.

"You will come to Hell for taking your own life, Miss Blackwood." Antonio said and her smile widened.

"No." She replied and looked up at the ceiling as a light shone down upon her. "God will accept me in His kingdom for stopping an angel from going to Hell. He will allow my soul, just as my sister's soul, to go into Heaven and wait to reincarnate."

Gong. The clock struck once and was quiet. Melissah stopped breathing her blue eyes, glittered silver, glassy and unseeing as Antonio cried out in anguish. He, then, looked up towards Heaven and scowled.

"She will come with us in the end." He growled his eyes blazing with the fires of hell. "Don't think you've won yet. Her reincarnated soul will be ours. You'll see. You'll see."