The Afterlife Chronicles Book 1

This is my story. No one else. Also, I'm creating a story where I need characters. I'll be posting it on here on Monday. Look out for it. It'll be called Cathiopia: The Search for the Golden Dragon. I'll be made into four books. That'll just be for the character sheet and what the land will look like. My own charcters will be added in so be careful.


I can't help but sigh as Carrie once again screams at Scotty for being an ass. She looks over at me as I put my nose back in my book and ignore her. There is no way I'm getting in the middle of one of her temper tantrums again

"You know what?" I hear her screech and I wince. "We're through! Over! Done!"

"Come on, babe. You-"

But he gets interrupted as she continues screeching, "Oh, yes I can! You better believe it, mister, because we are now officially broken up!"

"Carrie," I call not caring if she decides to shoot daggers at me with her green eyes, "aren't you being over dramatic just a little bit?"

"No." She huffs and I smirk behind the safety of my book. "He's being unreasonable."

"I'm being unreasonable?" He says incredulously and I giggle. He has a point.

"Yes. You are being unreasonable." She growls and I sigh. This fight is getting old.

"You off-and-on relationship is getting old. Can we move on to a better topic?" I call out before the fight could escalate. I put down my book and watch them as they stare each other down and I sigh once more.

I really can't stand when they act like children. I mean, I've been their best friend since we were babies, literally. Carrie didn't use to always be like this. Three years ago she would have been laughing and joking around with Scotty instead of breaking up with him all the time.

"-why are always such a bitch!" I hear Scotty yell and I gasp as I am quickly pulled out of my thoughts. He didn't.

I look up to see a red-faced Carrie and a backing away Scotty. I shake my head and go back to my thoughts.

"You little worm! Get back here!" I hear Carrie scream and I sigh. This day couldn't get any worse, could it?