The Afterlife Chronicles Book 1

This is my story. No one else.


"Run!" He cries out, his brown eyes glittering with horror and fright. "Run!"

I go to turn but find myself suddenly stuck in one place. I try to pick up my feet and walk but they seem to be glued to the floor and I look over at him in panic.

"I can't move!" I cry out and he stops fighting for a single second to look at me. That one second is all that is needed for my Guardian to be struck down and I scream and scream and scream.


I awake with a small squeak and begin to pant. What in the blazing world was that?

"Mel? You awake?" The soft voice of Carrie is heard from the other side of my bedroom door and I suppress a groan. Of course she would have a nightmare when I do. It's been that way since we were children.

"I am now." I say quietly and I hear my bedroom door creak open then close. I feel someone get onto my bed and I put my arms around Carrie and hold her close to me.

"I had that dream again." She whispers and I feel a shiver crawl down my spine. That dream can't exactly be considered a dream. It's a memory from three years ago.

"I had a inkling you were gonna say that."

"You don't have it anymore." It isn't a question.


"That's good, I guess." I guess? What is she trying to get at?

I go to open my mouth and ask what she means but I don't. There isn't a point. She wouldn't explain it. I look up at the ceiling and hold back a sigh. Carrie has a point. It's a good thing that I don't have the dreams anymore but with Carrie still having them...I need to do something. Maybe Cristy has a herb that can help her fall asleep easier.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. It is time to sleep a little more.

"Happy birthday, Melanie!" Bethy calls out and I laugh as she holds out a chocolate covered cupcake with a single lit candle on the top. I take the cupcake and blow out the tiny flame and ruffle up her hair.

"Thanks, Sis." I say and she giggles. Bethany looks up at me with her strange green eyes and smiles. I smile back at her as I take a bite out of my cupcake and choke as the strong scent of jasmine perfume permeates the air.

"Damn." I mutter as Marissah comes up to me and throws a neatly wrapped package at my face.

"Happy birthday." She grumbles and walks away, Mother and Father standing in the doorway of the living room. They nod at me and walk away with my twin sister in tow and I bite back a sigh. They will never say anything on my birthday to me. They just...act civilized and show me that they know I'm their daughter. Well, Mother does anyway.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart."

My eyes open and I sit up. I wipe the back of my hand against my cheek and pull it back in surprise when i find my cheek wet. I was crying in my sleep.

I go to lay back down but decide against it when my face hits a patch of light streaming in from my bedroom window. I sigh and get up with a yawn and force myself into the bathroom. From there, I wash my face and comb my hair before going down the stairs and making myself some eggs.

"Good morning, sweetheart. How was your sleep?" Mr. Buldore says from behind me and I turn around with a smile.

"It was fine, thank you." I say and he smiles and pats the top of my head. He is a tall man with chestnut hair and golden skin. His eyes are a forest green just like Carrie's and his build is muscular. His brown mustache reminds me of a Spaniard or a French man back during the revolution and he is wearing a black tailored suit with black dress shoes and a silver tie.

"you have to work again?" I inquire and he nods and sighs.

"So does Cathy."

"Really? Her too?"

Yes. We won't be back until late." He gives me a sly wink. "No parties while we're gone."

I laugh. "No parties."

He nods. "Good. Hey, it's your birthday tomorrow isn't it?"

I give him a questioning look. "Yeah."

"The thirteenth of May?"

"Yeah. What are you trying to get at, Mr. Buldore?" I ask and he laughs.

"Nothing you need to worry about, dear. Now I'm off to work. You behave, you hear?" He calls as he walks away and I shake my head at him. He is such a strange man but I can see where Carrie gets her humor from. Also, her evasiveness.

"Mrs. Buldore, when are you leaving for work?" I call upstairs but I don't hear a reply and my eyebrows scrunch up in confusion. I go to the garage and open the door to see no cars and smile to myself. They both left for work already.

I go back to the kitchen and sigh. It's time to clean up.