Baby I was naïve

Got lost in your eyes

I never really had a chance

You're untouchable

Like a distant diamond sky

I never saw you coming

And I'll never be the same

I took a shot

And you may think I'm bullet proof

But I'm not

State the obvious

I realize you love yourself

More than you could ever love me

You're not sorry

And when you take

You take the very best of me

But I never thought I'd live see it break

Lives change like the weather

And I'm telling you

We are never ever getting back together

Cause when you're fifteen

Someone tells you they love you

You're going to believe them

All I know is a simple name

But I miss screaming and fighting

And kissing in the rain

Yes, we had a beautiful, magic love there

What a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair

We know it's never simple

Never easy

But I confess baby

In my dreams you're touching my face

Asking me if I wanna try again with you

And I almost do

But I realize you were long gone

When you met me

And I realize

You'll never see

That you belong with