Who Are You Now?

Who are you know?
Are you proud?
Do you like it when I cry out loud?
Do you not care of all the pain?
My loss is your gain.

Did you not think I'd get hurt?
Maybe next time I'll be more alert.
Wait theres a next time?
But you crossed the line

I've deleted all the messages from you;
For a while the skies were blue.
But theres an ache you don't understand.
Who's holding your hand?

Because of something stupid I've lost you.
I knew you were too good to be true
What happened to "I'll do anything to stay your friend"?
Then I remembered all good things must come to an end.

its been a week now.
No talk for a while now
But I want to know
Who are you now?


This was for a poem competition my school are holding. The winners get featured in a book. It was kind of based off of my best friend. He decided to post something about me on facebook. ._.