Eager to please
Sometimes we go home
With scraped knees
Laughing and playing
Crying and tossing
Always delaying
Always crossing

Eager to jump
Eager to please
It's never easy
To be released
From home, from mommy and daddy
Running and jumping
Jump-roping, twirling
Stomachs whirling
Little John hurling
A ball at me

Those days are long since past
But still we find ourselves
Eager to jump
Eager to please
Just as the tykes we were
Scraping our knees
Falling from jungle gyms
Breaking a ligament
When we hurt inside
We're told not to cry
Because we're too old
Because pain comes when we die
But we still feel
Like children do
And sometimes it hurts
But sometimes it's good

When we're put down
We pout and we frown
We want our way
Even though we've learned to share
Though as children do
We all still care
We may pretend we're too hurt
To feel an emotion
But inside
It's raging devotion
We love and we hate
We give and we take
We go round and round
Wishing, like children
We could leap and bound

We're still eager to jump
And eager to please
To contrary belief
Women with high-heels do sometimes fall
And get scraped knees
And men still argue
About how they deserve things
We all still forget
That every one of us
Has a bit of a childishness
Still sprinkled within us