She is much like Pandora's Box
To him,
In that he yearns, so cautiously,
To work his fingernails into the cracks of her shell
And prise her open.

But he is scared of what he might
Discover inside.

Instead of opening her carefully,
He is scared he may cut her open in his eagerness,
And she will bleed
Crimson guilt onto his hands,
And he will be the one who
Has to live
With the consequences
Of her death.

But just imagine, he thinks,
If he manages to prise his fingernails
Into the hairline fissures in her makeup,
Carefully, slowly,
With adoring smiles and devoted words,
She might open herself up to him,
Hand him the key,
And there will be no blood.

But he still fears
What may escape her

Despair may line her mysterious veins,
And evil might pollute her bones,
Rotting the marrow and poisoning
Her soul.

He thinks he may have already caught glimpses
Of the guilt that lingers in the shadows
Of her mind,
And the fear that haunts
Her heart –
Echoing in every beat,
So that it sounds like her heart
Beats in double time.

When really she's just afraid.

What she is afraid of,
He could not say,
Though on some days he wonders
If it is him –
Or merely the concept of someone
Like him,
Trying to open
Her up.

But nevertheless, he is going to try
To open her.
He is going to search in late night conversations
And uncertain smiles,
And in the way she takes her coffee,
For the key.

And when he finds it –
The key to making her
Fall in love with him –
His intention is
To open her up,
And just like Pandora,
He is going to allow every evil,
Every malicious thought
And salacious emotion
To escape her.

Let the rest of the world suffer,
He thinks,
If only to save her
The pain.

And all that will be left inside of her
Will be hope.

And that hope will manifest itself in a smile,
In a kiss and the meeting
Of tongues and souls
That he has desired
For so long.

She is much like Pandora's Box
To him,
In that he
Resist -