My Brother

I see it

Faint light shining through

The darkness over powers it

Could that light be you?

I silently wait and see from where I sit

Will you come to my rescue or search for another?

It wasn't you who came to save me

That light now shining so bright,

Is my dear, sweet, caring brother

He helped me instead of you

It is he, who saved me

I loved you unconditionally

Now your hate grows towards me intentionally

I tried but I will not leave his side

I refuse to go back and hide

You were my life and love

An angel sent from above

No, my protector was sent to me not as an angel but something better

A fierce wolf, brave and strong

Someone who won't do me wrong

Through everything he is by my side

When I smile, or when I cried

He is my brother

I am thankful and will never love another…

Like I do to him.