What does it mean to be free?

Truly free?

Could a slave be more free than you or I?

Perhaps we are all slaves

And the extent of our chains prevents us from seeing the wicked truth.

If Hell is other people

If other people judge us

Bind us

Gag us

The could a prisoner,

Lost in the heart of a labyrinthine cell

Forgotten by the world

Forgotten by themselves

Could they be more free than you or I?

Truly free?


If freedom, true freedom, and choice go hand in hand



Then what if you made the choice not to be free?

Truly free

Would that be what they call a paradox?

Does freedom even exist at all?

True freedom

There is always something




Tying us to the stony ground when all we want to do is to float free in the crystal sky



True freedom.


Rather lonely, don't you think?

Besides, we cannot afford to lose ourselves in Freedom's maze

There sadly exists a chain,

A chain called Responsibility

Who calls us

Who tugs us

Who drags us



But we needn't droop under the weight of our chain

For it does not often bring despair.

We need not weep and withdraw to the lonely confines of our own minds

Instead, we can sing and shout and dance

We sacrifice out freedom for other people

But Hell is other people

Oh the irony!

Did we even get a choice?

But choice and freedom are as phoenix and flame

Oh the irony!


But perhaps, after all, we do not need freedom

True freedom

perhaps it is a luxury dreamt of so often it appears real

Perhaps freedom

True freedom

Isn't really there at all.