The last night I saw my best friend Ali, we were on a camping trip with a bunch of kids from school for a field trip we could not miss without affecting our grades badly. We were staying in an old cabin in the giant, Ever Green Forest. I had decided I was going to go explore the forest that we had heard so many scary stories about around the campfire we had each night. So on that night, the one I last saw my best friend on, I decided to go.

After everybody had come in from being outside around the campfire and had fallen asleep, or so I thought, I climbed out of my sleeping bag and stood up. When I took my first step, the floorboards creaked and I froze hoping nobody had woken up. When nobody had moved, I let out a breath that I had not realized I had been holding. Then, before I could take another step, something grabbed my foot. I made a little noise, swallowed, and slowly looked down to find Ali's hand grapping my ankle. "Where are you going?" she asked in a sleepy whisper.

"To explore the forest." I whispered backed casually.

"But its pitch black out besides what little light illuminating off the stars and moon." she replied in protest.

"Yah, I know this but I want to see the wolves and other wild animals, plus its absolutely gorgeous outside. Don't you think so?"

"Jess, I know how much you love the night but what if you get hurt? I mean seriously I swear you're a vampire sometimes but vampires can get hurt to you know!"

"I'll be back by morning don't worry Ali everything will be fine." I reassured her.

Ali closed her eyes for a second then opened them back up and said, "You've got two hours you hear! Two!" I nodded in agreement before she became even more unreasonable. "Now go before I change my mind." then she set the timer on her phone and lay back down with earplugs in so nobody else would hear it go off.

I started heading for the cabin door when I heard Ali call my name again. I turned around and looked at her questionably. "What ever you do promise me you won't go to close to the wolves or pet them." I started to protest but she held up her hand, "Or you wont go at all." she said with a forceful and apologetically tone. She knew how much I loved to walk up to wild animals and not only observe them, but pet them as well.

Ali got freak out when I would go up to a random animal and pet it. Nobody else could do it but me. Everybody who knew I could, that was not an adult anyway, had tried. I made a sigh of annoyance "Fine," I said "promise." and walked out of the cabin, scrambling farther off into the woods before she could change her mind.

While I was looking around the forest and thinking of all the animals that lived in it, I was relaxed and not paying attention to where I was going. That's when I felt something was following behind me. I did not feel scared. I knew what it was by the way it smelled. Instead of continuing farther into the forest, I stopped and sat on the forest floor. I felt the creature's eyes on me but I didn't mind.

Slowly, out of the corner of my eye I saw it coming toward me. It stretched out its front legs and lay down on its belly. After a few moments, the scrawny creature dragged itself closer with its front paws and nuzzled my hands. I was thinking about what I was going to say to Ali when I got back to the cabin, since I had just broke my promise to her, because she would asked what all I had seen and done. I didn't like lying to my friends and family but I decided, in that moment, that it wouldn't hurt if she didn't know.

Since I had come to that conclusion I went ahead and began to stroke the creature's soft gray fur as it nuzzled me with the side of its head. "I might as well enjoy the wolf's company to the fullest out here." I had said to myself. I had already broken the promise to Ali, so I might as well. What better way to thank the wolf for its company than with a nice petting session, I thought as I continued to pet it.

After a few minutes went by, I turned my head to look into the beautiful wolf's eyes. While I was staring into the wolf's gorgeous eyes and stroking its fur, I heard a soft whisper. "No!" I thought. Then I heard it again. I could not seem to stop starring into the wolf's eyes and it would not take its eyes off mine "Come with me." the whisper came again. "No, oh no!" I thought, "This is not happening! It is not happening, not again!" I thought.

It had only happened when I was smaller. I swore I could communicate with animals, but that was because I was a little kid. It got to the point where my foster parents took me to the therapist, who gave me medication to make it stop. They did that because they said I was too old for that nonsense. Yet here I was hearing a wolf talk to me. "Come with me Alaina Rayne Jessie Rose." I jumped up at that point because nobody knew my full name besides me and whoever had given me the name.

I was thinking about this as I ran as fast as I could. I ran faster and faster into the direction I knew the cabin would be in. Soon I was running with a whole pack of wolves behind me. All of a sudden a bunch of images was in my head. I realized that the wolves were sending me them.

They were trying to comfort me and convince me to come with them. I could see that if I did not come with them willingly, they would force me. The wolves were sending me thoughts and images of home. It was not where I lived with my foster parents, but of their home. The place was one that I had never seen or heard of before.

When I was almost to the cabin, about a good fifteen feet away, I knocked to the ground by a strong force. I called Ali's name as loud as I could. Ali stepped outside onto the porch of the cabin followed by a few other students. "Jessie!" She screamed back when she realized what was happening.

I stretched out my arms, reaching for something to grab onto as I was being dragged away into the very depths of the forest that, just minutes before, I had emerged from. I was still screaming Ali's name long after the trees of the Ever Green Forest had engulfed me. The farther I was dragged into the woods, the faster the wolves ran, and the faster the clearing, with the cabin, disappeared from view.