A queen gashed her finger upon a sewing needle
And, admiring her blood as it stained the snow,
She wished for a daughter as seemingly beautiful

Snow White, who was more villainous,
Your mother or the magic mirror
Who proclaimed you the fairest in the land?

Lavishing in envy, the queen then sought a huntsman
Who would deliver her Snow White's lungs and liver,
But neither hither nor yon could he bring himself to do the child harm.

Snow White, which of the two was more villainous,
The man who left you to be eaten by a wild animal
or your mother for finding your insides palatable?

Meandering through the forest, Snow White came upon a cottage
Where she drank some wine and fell asleep in the most comfortable bed,
But little did she know the queen had discovered her abode

Snow White, who did you presume to be more villainous,
The seven dwarfs who required you to wash, sew, and clean
or the queen who continued to stew in her jealousy?

She came to you three times in a different disguise,
The last of which she offered you a luscious apple and as you took a bite,
You must have surmised that you had been deceived,

Who, then, did you perceive to be more villainous,
The queen who wanted to poison you or the dwarfs who,
due to their sorrow, kept you in a coffin of glass?

Snow White, when all was said and done,
was true love worth being awoken from your slumber
or did you regret that, once again, you cheated death?

Snow White, were you as adept as you may have seemed
Or was your beauty a façade behind which you were hiding
and your untimely demise more redeeming than being alive?