Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You know that he,

Is stalking you.

You can run,

But you cannot hide,

You can only,

Meet your demise.

He is slender,

You will get,

Into a fender bender,

I can definitely bet.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I'm scared of slender,

And so are you.

My breathing hitched as I ran through the creepiest forest I have ever entered. I didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, but the silence made it all the scarier. A girl had gone missing in these woods, and rumor had it that she had left some diary pages throughout the forest. I of course had gone searching for them, hoping to find where she had gone. If any evidence was found, I would turn it in to the police, and they would hopefully find the young girl.

I suddenly came upon what seemed to be a bathroom area in the park, but it had definitely seen better days. I peered around the corner expecting an axe murderer to come out of nowhere, but when it didn't happen I chided myself for getting paranoid. I entered the bathroom and began to walk down the halls. Several other halls branched off.

Man, this must have been a popular park, I muttered to myself as I realized the size of the place. I continued down the main hall until I saw a room with a chair. I decided out of curiosity I would enter the room. I walked over to the chair and was about to sit down, when I realized a grimy sheet of paper was on it. I picked it up and shined my flashlight on it.

A strange drawing was on the paper, it was a drawing of a strange stick figure with a circle for a head. Below it were words: Always watching, no eyes. I almost dropped the paper as I heard footsteps. I gulped and turned around, but nothing was there. I turned my attention back to the paper and wondered why these strange words were written on it. Could the girl have left it? I wondered to myself. It seemed weird such a young and innocent girl would write something so strange. I shrugged to myself and pocketed the paper, and then headed out of the bathroom. I, Athelina, would not get scared and paranoid. I would find her, and then be the most amazing girl in the county.

I began to explore the rest of the forest, looking for more clues. A short distance away from the huge bathrooms, I found a bunch of oil drums. Who would leave these in the middle of the woods? I asked myself out loud. Great, I am talking to myself now, I thought. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I whirled around, but my flashlight beam caught nothing. Who's there?! I called out. No answer. I turned back to the oil drums, fear beginning to show itself.

I walked through some of the oil drums, until I saw a piece of paper. Running over to it, I ripped it off the oil drum and examined it. The same stick figure was on it, and it said Follows. I suddenly got the chills, and I felt like someone was watching me. Why didn't I come during the day time? I thought to myself. I turned away from the oil drum. My beam caught something, and when I looked I saw it. I saw the thing that people said they saw, the people who had been put away in a mental hospital for, except they weren't wrong.

I didn't even scream, but I turned to the side and ran like I had never run before. I ran so hard and fast, that I would have outran a fat man running for Twinkies. I made a professional runner look like a slow snail. I ran from the man in the black suit that was taller than a two story building. I ran from the faceless man, Der Grossmann, Der Ritter, the Operator, The Slender Man. I looked behind me while I was running. Big mistake, he was right behind me, but that made me run all the faster.

I had to stop, I couldn't run anymore. I looked behind me once more and to my relief I found he, no it, was gone. I stopped running and bent over panting and coughing. After I finally had my breath back I looked up and I found myself at the very same tree I had seen when I had entered the forest. Damn it, I am back where I started, I muttered to myself. I began to think that the Slender Man had been an illusion, I had been so afraid I had imagined things.

I wiped the sweat off my brow and continued forward, I was still determined to find the remaining pages. Soon I found a strange tunnel. Now what is this doing here? I wondered. Despite my mind screaming no, I entered the tunnel anyway. I walked down the long tunnel and almost exited it when something caught my eye. I turned back and walked a quarter of the way into the tunnel and found another paper. I reached up and pulled it off the curving wall. On it, it said Help me.

The notes were becoming more and more disturbing, and I began to wonder if I had really seen the Slender Man. I turned toward the back of the tunnel and their it was, only a foot away from me. I couldn't even move. A few seconds later I began to lift my head against my will. My vision began to fill with static the higher I looked up, until I saw his face, or rather his lack of one. I stared at his face until he reached out with several tentacles and he grabbed me around the throat and lifted me off the ground several feet. Please, let me go… I gasped out. I thought I saw a smile, and then it tightened its hold and everything went black.

A week later...

It was one week later that the search for Athelina finally yielded results. They had decided to search the woods next to her house, and they found her dead inside a strange stone tunnel. The corpse was inside a plastic bag, and was hanging on a nail from the roof of the tunnel. When opened, the flesh was half rotted and there were three pieces of blood stained paper that was now unreadable. The police found no evidence as to what had happened in the tunnel, as no DNA from another person was found. The police also advised for no one to enter the woods, as a girl had gone missing before in the very same area. They had her funeral at the funeral home in the town.