Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I need flesh,

That comes from you.

He is coming,

Better run,

I'll be searching,

What fun!

Don't look back,

I might be there,

I can feel your,

Fear, in the air.

Roses are read,

Violets are blue

I'm afraid of slender

And so are you

After the death of Athelina, they didn't tell her seven year old brother what had happened. They simply told him that she had gone to live in the forest, but when he asked to visit, they refused. The brother, Agon, decided to go visit her himself. Tonight, at midnight.

Goodnight Mommy and Daddy! I called out. Goodnight Agon, came the reply from both parents. I had packed away a flashlight along with some treats in case Athelina wanted some. It was hard waiting for the grandfather clock in the living room to bong twelve times. As soon as the last bong ended, I jumped out of my bed and grabbed the stashed items from inside my dresser drawer. Then, carefully, I opened my window as quietly as I could. It opened soundlessly an I slipped outside.

I switched on my flashlight and headed towards the woods on the side of our house. I walked towards it until I was a step outside. The hairs on my neck suddenly rose, and it was as if something was out there, waiting, watching. I shook the feeling away and stepped into the woods.

I walked a little ways before coming to a tall chain-link fence. Ha, ha fence! You can't keep me out! I yelled as I climbed up it. At the top, I jumped down and landed with a loud thump on the ground. Then I trekked into the woods. I walked deeper and deeper into the dark forest until I came to what looked like a giant lipstick canister. It wasn't really one, it was really a silo. I walked around the silo in curiosity, when something caught my eye. What's a piece of paper doing here? I asked out loud. Then I shrugged to myself, and pulled the paper off the silo.

Words were scrawled on it in a strange way. Whoever wrote this has messy handwriting, I said to the silo. Then I patted the silo with one hand and told it thank you for giving me the page. Then I read the words, and it said: Can't Run. Underneath it there was a bunch of scribbles. I shoved the paper in my pocket and headed on. I knew I should be calling for Athelina, but something prevented me from doing so. It was a strange suppressing feeling, and it felt like the air had turned into oil. My lungs could barely suck in the air.

Pushing the feeling away, I proceeded to keep on walking. I walked for a long time, my fear growing. I had nothing to be afraid of, so why was I afraid? Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and whirled around with the flashlight, but nothing was there. I gulped nervously. See nothing is there! I said to myself. A building came into view. Maybe Athelina lives there! I exclaimed loudly, all fear vanishing.

I raced to the building excitedly, not even looking while running down the long hall. My foot abruptly caught on something, and next thing I know, I am sprawled on the ground, facedown. I began to cry. Mommy! Athelina! My elbow hurts, I cried loudly. Then the hairs on my neck stood up, my blood ran cold. I wasn't looking at the ground. I was looking at two expensive shoes.

I willed myself not to look up, but of course I had to. Slowly I looked up, and I saw a suit, and a face. Wait there was no face. I don't know how I did it, but I scrambled up and ran out of that building so fast, I must have left my ghost behind. Whatever it was, I wasn't waiting to say hi to it. Branches whipped my face and stung my legs as I ran. Don't look behind me, don't look behind me, I chanted to the wind. My mind wasn't even working out what I had seen, my only thought was to get away, and FAST.

I couldn't run anymore, but if I stopped it would get me. It was there, I could feel it. I knew, I couldn't run anymore. I stopped abruptly and sat on the ground and cried my heart out. This was the end, I wouldn't see Mommy or Daddy ever again. No longer did I believe Athelina was still alive, I was going to end up the same way she did. I waited for something to happen, anything.

After five minutes of crying and nothing happening, I decided to look up. And there it was, a foot away. I didn't cry, I didn't scream just sat there. Then I laughed at him defiantly. Come and get me! I laughed . Several tentacles suddenly snaked out of its back, looking sharp and dangerous. I just continued laughing . Suddenly it picked me up by my arm with one of its strange distorted hands and lifted me five feet off the ground. Its head was only 2 inches away from mine, and yet I continued to laugh.

Where its hand gripped me, a numbness began to spread until I was completely numb everywhere, and I began to drift off, and my laughing began to subside. Before blacking out, I saw it reach one of its sharp tentacles over to my arm, then all went black.

Sometime afterwards…

Agon was found in the driveway of his house by his parents, badly injured and with strange words written into his left arm. The words said: Don't come looking. The parents were perplexed by these words, but he was rushed to the hospital immediately. He was missing his right hand and was bleeding internally. He was also in a coma for four weeks before he woke up. His mental state was very bad, and he would repeatedly yell hysterically and was not able to tell anyone about that one night.

Sometimes he would laugh hysterically and yell about a man without a face. When given a piece of paper, he would draw strange stick figures and strange words. Sometimes, with perfect clarity, he would tell the doctors about his time in the woods, but he never talked about how he had been scarred and hurt. After two weeks in the hospital, he was released. He never was normal again, and he became a strange withdrawn child. He returned to school, but many of the kids laughed at his missing hand and the strange words written into his left arm. In class or by himself, he constantly looked behind his shoulder with fear, and he soon had to see a psychologist. He was never the same as he had been again.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: After looking at my last story in this, I decided it looked lonely, so I decided to make this a series of Oneshots! Yipee! Please review, I need all the criticism I can get. If you notice any mistakes, please tell me because I want each story to be the best they can be. All notes and things written on the notes in the story come from the game Slender. In fact, all these are based on the game Slender. I don't own the game Slender. Also, every two stories will be paired together. Now that that's over, have an apple pie!