I fear your reaction

Lord knows I fear my own

I fear all reactions the

World does own.

For my mind says it wrong

But the heat say it right.

So I fear, both rationally

And not so

So I cannot say

It's possible I never may.

But I do hope,

For I know not how long

I can cope

With holding what I must

Keep so dear

But away from your ears

That they not yet hear

For this,

I do sincerely


But what do you expect

From one so pathetic

As I?

I know not

What you have yourself

To say,

Though I've thought and guessed

In my mind.

Be truthful

Will I ever

Know your thoughts

As well?

Whatever fact may-be

There thoughts hold

A vice grip

On my soul.

One that I cannot break

So I put

The Seal of Silence

Upon my lips,

I will not break

I pray

One day

I will say

But if I don't

I'm sorry.

It was not my right

Any longer

I could not control

This anymore.

So I will carry it

To the grave.

And tell you in the afterlife

Hell or Heaven

Even if we're separate

I'll send a letter through

The portal between realms.

For you to know.

I wish that not be the case

I want to tell you

While we live

To see your


Either way.

Be it good, and bright.

Or bad, and dark.

I don't mind

Let me see your heart

Let me see your soul

But I need

To know

But I can't yet

Please wait

Wait for me

To be ready

Just, not yet.