Whispers of Forever (Acoustic)

Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm
You whisper in my ear
Make me wanna bring ya near
Oh yeah
Rainy sky's are now clear
And being isn't something I fear
Because when look at me, I see
The truth your ey-ye-ye-eys, reflect
And forever isn't long enough
No, forever isn't long enough
To tell you how I feel
With every whisper in your ear

Darkness. Unrequited and endless in its eternal blindness. Everything is dark. There's no music, just the long, desolate stretch of inky black, like wading through quicksand, each step only jerking you further under. Once you see the shore, peeking out ahead, there's a flutter of hope through that darkness giving your heart wings and causing it to skip a beat, for you see your savior, all you have to do is allow your heart to fly.

Yet, hope is quickly squandered and meeting an early demise when there's no hand reaching to pull you out, to pump air through your crumpled wings, forcing them to work after so long, being commanded to remain still. The sensation wanes like a moon sucked to a thin, silver scratch against the endless abyss called a sky and you slip further under.

Darkness. Unrequited... just as my feelings for you were. Forever wasn't long enough for you either and quite possibly, it turned into never. With a final, almost wistful whisper of the guitar strings, familiar beneath your calloused fingers, you enter the searching embrace of darkness, shut your eyes, and accept your fate.