So he knocked you up,

You say he loves you,

But what loving guy knocks a girl up,

Does he even love you too?

Will he caresses your hair as you puke your up your guts,

Will he work overtime to support you and the child,

Will he help you up during the times you are a total klutz,

Will he stop you from hurting the baby by smoking and being wild?

You ruined your life, honey

I thought I cared about you,

You used to be so cute and funny,

But now I feel you did this as if to hurt me on cue.

You seemed to have practically 'wanted' this to happen,

You probably 'wanted' this to happen to me,

You used me, but I was to busy to notice cause my mind had been too busy nappin',

When all that I used to see were eyes the color of the blue-green sea.

Now I don't know what to think,

My heart and soul are still in shock,

My very life is about to fall apart into the brink,

As I continue to stare in utter worry and horror at the clock.

Will you drop out of highschool,

Even though I told you sincerely to not screw up your senior year like I had by pining after you,

How could you be such a red-headed fool,

Now what shall I do, what shall you do?

I shall forget about you now,

As the tears fall down my face,

As you become what so many teenagers rudely call a big pregnant fat cow,

My heart just keeps continuing to race.

Caroline why didn't you listen to me,

Why didn't you just use protection at least, and then there wouldn't be that tiny helpless baby on that little screen that you see?