Sun and Moon:

I play between galaxies

You look up from the forest

We meet in the clouds

Our worlds collide

Curiosity, intrigue

I touch your face

You pull me downward

We step on the soft green

Breath of fresh air

Grounded at last

Not drifting alone

My head still swims in nebulas

You tighten your grip

I follow dazed

Wondering where this will take me

You show me your world

Hidden mysteries

Secret waterfalls of passion

I weep at the beauty

I glance to the stars

You pull my face back to yours

Light caressing

So much darkness corrupted

You lead me deeper

I am afraid I will lose the way

You walk quicker

(I am now running to keep up)

But I do not tire

This paradise holds eternal strength

I shed my darkness

It falls to the ground

I remember what it's like

To be a child of the sun

Our skin like gold

Your eyes like the sun

Mine, the moon

Reflecting all your love

My senses cold

Waiting for your warmth

I am addicted to your yellow

Forgotten now

My galaxies drift further

A train I gladly missed

I sit in your forest

I stare up at the sky

I wait for your morning kiss

The warmth along my skin

That healing power

I am forever yours

I am not scared

I do not drift