May 23 ,1837

Hi my name is John. The year is 1870. Mama and papa just told me that we were leaving our home in Maine to move to the west . Oregon to be exact . we were going to leave in two weeks to meet up with some people in Independence .

My parents say it will be an adventure . But I am kind of worried to leave because I have to leave all my friends and my grandparents right before my birthday . I am going to be 14 years old .I heard mama and papa talking last night and papa said that he got me a gun .He has promised me a gun for my birthday since I was ten years of age . Mama was not happy with him but I am happy he is keeping his promise. Papa always says that having a gun is the passage way to becoming a man . But a good man always knows how to protect his family .But I think that the passage way to man hood is not owning a gun but knowing how to use it . Anyways ill talk to you tomorrow . goodnight .

May 30 , 1837

So we leave in one week and I started saying all my good byes to my friends . Mama told me that grandma and grandpa were going to come with us to Oregon . I just think that grandpa is getting to old to run the farm with out help and with us going to Oregon . But its not a bad thing that he knows his limits . It was going to be really hard leaving them behind but know we don't have to .

I said good bye to my best friend Kenton . He is just like my brother that I never had . It was probably the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my whole life. But I promised him that one day I would be back and that we would write all the time. Papa told me that there are three other family's from out town coming with us on the trail .

Papa and I also got the wagon in working order and he told me that we are going to take my horse with us on the trail so I can just ride him instead of walking . we were going to sell him but I am happy that we are going to take him.

June 1,1837

This morning we woke up and now we only have one day till we leave because papa thinks we need to leave early if we are going to make it to Independence on time . This wagon train will be the last one leaving because of the harsh winters in the mountains. Today is going to be really busy because we have a lot of packing to do and we still need to go help pack up my grandparents stuff also .

June 2,1837

We are all sitting around the camp fire and I got some good news . Kenton and his family are one of the family's that is coming with us . its been a long day and we are in the north part of New York about 50 miles from our home . It is really hard leaving everything you have ever known and just leaving . papa says its for the best thow . He has never done anything wrong that I can remember so I trust him. Anyways I am tired so ill write tomorrow night . goodnight .