This is a true story.

Early morning December 11, a 22 year old goes into labor. Unaware, 8 hours away her younger 14-year old cousin lays asleep, happily awaiting the day her cousin is to give birth to her baby girl. 6 o'clock that morning, the young girl is still unaware of what happened just hours before, sees her mother crying for an unknown reason, all the girl knows is that something bad has happened.

Her day goes on, hoping that the information her brother had over heard was wrong. She goes home still oblivious to what had happened. She is eating dinner when her parents come in to confirm the horrible news: that morning her aunt had called to report that her cousin, her older sister figure, had gone in to labor that morning, only to have given birth to a still born baby girl.

"No, no." Tears formed in the 14-year olds eyes at the news.

As the oldest child, she tries to be strong, but slowly and surely tears slid down her cheeks. She can't take it, she can only imagine what her cousin is going through. This is the mother of the child, she carried the child, she has shared her life with the baby. The 14-year old girl cries harder, she can't take it.

School the very next day is the toughest of her life, by lunch she is ready to cry, the next class she is crying. The art room bully pushes her over the edge, she starts crying, bawling. The girls come to ask if she's okay and she tells what happened, receiving hugs from the girls. Then the bully comes up.

"Wow, did I really make you cry?" He asked pleased.

"You know what?" The crying girl stands up, "It has nothing to do with what you did. You try losing a baby cousin, and see how long you can last the day after before you break down!"

Silent tear run down her face in the car half way to her cousin's. She looks out the window, thinking. Slowly they pull into the drive way, she gives everyone a hug, leaving her crying cousin for last.

"I'm so, so sorry." She whispers to her.

Later her cousin's first born, a 4-year old boy, comes to her: "You know? My sister is an angle!"

Walking to the small white box in line with her other family the 14-year old thinks about what to do. Then, it's her turn, she looks at the angle-faced baby, the child was beautiful, she was perfect she didn't look real. If it wasn't for the baby girls purple lips everyone could have sworn that she was only sleeping. 'Please wake up, please!' The young teenage girl begged in her head, alas, the baby did not move, did not move just slept forever.

Bending down toward the baby, the 14-year old softly kissed her cousin for the first and last time, "Goodbye, I love you." She whispered softly.

At the burial, right before the small white box was lowered, she kissed her first two fingers and laid them gently on top.

How do I know? Because I was that 14-year old, and that was my cousin.