Only scarce whispers echoed and one light blanketed the sole room that housed her parents. Text messages were carefully crafted and sent from the room just down the hall to a tall, lanky teenager that lived no farther than a soccer field away. A faint smell of mascara and perfume clouded Ronna's room as she, still focusing on the painting of her face and the construction of her hair, noticed the sharp silence that resurrected. After completing her appearance with a cheery red coat, she stepped out of her pool of dirty laundry that cozied her floor and warily slipped into the combat zone. Eyes scanning and searching, she checked the perimeter and inched her way through the hallway. She yielded at the sight of her parent's room. Lack of luminous discharge emitting from the room was a green light telling her it was safe to go. Darkness and eerie silence overflowed the calm, slumbering house. The front door reassured Ronna that she would soon successfully reach her destination. Gently, she twisted the knob and pushed the door ajar. The cold chill shocked her. Ronna wrapped her jacket tighter around and dashed across the threshold. She wished adieu to the lifeless house before trotting her way toward a young man that met her on the blackened curb of the obscure pavement; Smiles, hugs, and kisses exchanged between the two. Hand in hand, they moseyed their way to a playground parked in the center of one of nature's masterpieces. Towering trees and lofty leaves stretched out to the sky. Ronna sat on the cold park swing, guiding David to do the same. They conversed and grip each other's hands, as they swung back and forth. Hours melted by as the two of them stayed intrigued by each other's words and gestures.

What seemed like "too soon" the sun began to announce its arrival and Ronna realized she had to tuck herself back into her bed before her dreary house awoke. Ten minutes of goodbye and one minute galloping down the street, she finally arrived back at her front door with melodies imprisoned in her heart. Arm stretched out, she reached for the red, meticulous door, but before her delicate fingers could clasp the gaudy, golden handle, it turned, and the door became agape. Her mind clicked much too late, for a tall presence wearing a navy suit stood before her, brief case in hand.

"Ronna, what are you doing outside?"

Wide-eyed, she wondered if there was any possibility of dodging this question, but his eyes stared harshly into hers.

"Uhhhhhh…I-uhhhh…" Ronna knew this response was doing no good, but this was the best reply she could muster up at the moment.

Later that evening Ronna sat idly in her room wondering what she'd say the next time she had a way to contact David. After being caught sneaking out of the house, her phone had been taken away and she was not permitted to leave until a month had passed.