"Planet Oooooh Ahh"

In the world of Oooooh Ahh, unicorns ruled the land, while mermaids dominated the seas. From the beginning of the creation of Oooooh Ahh, there has been a rivalry between the mermaids and the unicorns, but there was once a place where they all intermingled in harmony: Mystic Falls, an abode of joy, dreams, babies, trees, and cats. The waterfall overflowed of twinkling, stardust-filled water, and the trees were blanketed with pink, sparkly leaves. This place was home to many magnificent creatures. Over the years tensions between unicorns and mermaids grew, transforming this once serene place into a hostile environment.

Their opposition dates back many years ago. The mermaids, who were tough by nature, relentlessly played pranks on the unicorns. Unfortunately, unicorns are, of course, sensitive and self-conscious creatures. This was not the only cause of the feud however; unicorns frequently ate the hair of the mermaids because, as it's probably well-known, all mermaids have hair braided from cotton candy. Unicorns, with their propensity for having a sweet tooth, and mermaids, with their insensitivity, both fueled the quarrel that began between the two species.

One day, at the Great Confetti Falls, unicorns were gathering to play hide and seek. Some unicorns hid behind the taffy trees. Others journeyed farther away and crawled into beds of pancake leaves, but the most daring of them all set sail in bacon-made barrels that floated on Maple Syrup Lake. Smell of the hash-brown grass and sausage shrubs filled the nostrils of one particular unicorn hiding in a bacon barrel, Martha. Mouth drooling, she took a nibble from the top of the barrel. It was so tasty that she decided it'd be harmless to take a few more bites. Crunch. Crunch. Underneath the surface, below thick layers of syrup, was a clan of mermaids taking a nap after their previous pancake feast. Crunch. Crunch. Abigail, a beautiful mermaid with a lovely, red and blue cotton candy braid, woke from her dream of Ice Cream Glacier, one of the coldest and most delectable places there ever was. Crunch. Yawning, she wondered where the crunch noise was coming from. Crunch. Crunch. The sound grew louder and more frequent as she reached the surface. Crunch—crunch—crunch. Finally, Abigail reached the top, poking her curious head out of the heavy syrup. There she spotted a bright yellow unicorn eating the sides of a bacon barrel, which she was also riding in. She immediately rushed to tell the others and hatched a plot to scare away the young unicorn. In the bacon-made barrel, Martha was eating away when she spotted her best friend, George, who was the seeker in their game of hide and seek.

"I found you! Not very concealed are you? Haha," he mocked, "get a little hungry?" Martha was now playing a balancing act with what remained of her bacon barrel. Suddenly, huge tidal waves of syrup capsized Martha and her floating device of cooked-pig. Seventeen mermaids rose to the surface, laughing as she tried to swim. Unicorns can, by nature, usually swim fine, but since the later years of the feud, fewer unicorns have learned to swim. Struggling, Martha cried out for help.

"Help me! Pleeease! I-I can't swim well!"

George knew he needed to act quickly. He sent up the universal sign of distress and assembly; he farted, and a brilliant rainbow appeared. The other unicorns of the tribe, among them Dolley, saw this rainbow and knew it was time to stop hiding. They dashed through the taffy forests and past the pancake piles until they reached Martha and George.

"Oh no!" one unicorn cried. "Martha's drowning. We gotta help her." The unicorns worked together to get Martha out of the sticky syrup. They used a giant rubber-band to catapult her out of the syrup. In vengeance, Dolley chomped off the lovely and lengthy braid of Abigail, the mermaid. At this, the mermaids fired the first shots of the war. They launched Swedish fish at them with catapults and riffles. The unicorns retreated, but the rumor of this battle spread all across Oooooh Ahh.

War and chaos broke out everywhere on planet Oooooh Ahh. There was not a peaceful place left. Mermaids were being stabbed with unicorn horns. Unicorns were being fought off by means of throwing electric eels. This once joyous world fell into a hectic state of combat. For centuries to come, great tragedy would continue.