Forsaken in the wasteland of my broken dreams

Abortions of promises never kept

The gray abysmal sky

The never changing sun

Craggy cliffs of despair

Calling to me

I got myself in here

I can get myself out

How do I fly out of my own purgatory?

Abandoned cities accusing me

Ghosts of strangers watch

Not even the air dares to make a sound

Staleness permeates every cell

How to make it right?

Chills play on my bones

Masquerading across my clammy skin

The nausea won't leave

Solace found in the dust and salt

Death exists endlessly

Tracking me, a thousand wolves possessed

I hear witches howl in excitement

The land is their spy

There is no sleep for the weary

Here is my curse

Eternal, lingering, stagnant life

Neither improving nor ending

Death would be sweet