Crazy contains mature scenes, sex, the use of alcohol and other drugs, strong language, violence, and taboo subject matter that some readers might will probably find uncomfortable. The sex scenes depicted in this story are detailed but fictional and do not represent the opinion of the author (I promise). All comments, feedback, and personal opinions are welcome. You have been WARNED!


Book Two in the Crepkie trilogy, Crazy follows the newly minted Shaun Crepkie, one of the eight surviving children fished from hellish catacombs of an abandoned basement in East Texas. He has no memory of the place, nor of the persons responsible for his abduction.

Max, a figment of Shaun's imagination, carries the burden of remembering all that went on in those three months.

Riley, a naïve foster child desperate for attention and dying for acceptance, is dragged into Shaun's world.

The boys become much more than foster brothers on Shaun's road to recovery, in his struggle to forget, and in his journey to feel alive again. Innocence is lost, sex and secrets abound, and something else, something far more sinister than Shaun's newly disturbing behavior tags along for the ride.

Rated M for language, sex, and violence. Slash/Angst/Drama/Tragedy/Psychological.

Reviews appreciated, questions, comments, and suggestions are as well. Flaming will result in me hunting you down, tying you up, and force feeding you my story until you LOVE IT!...Currently, this work is unedited and is in the 1st draft. Now on to the story.