Hi, my name's Fogdiamond. I was in the Darkness group for quite some time till I went on a raid in an attempt to steal the Builder's territory. When we attacked, I saw a pretty girl, her name was Flamingemerald, with bright blue eyes, short light brown hair, and a beautiful face. I could see why she was named that. When I fought her in the attack, she was very fierce and strong. My brother, Bloodsapphire, was on the surprise attack with me, Stoneruby, Riversapphire, Rainsapphire, Dirtdiamond, Grassjade, Windtopaz, Moonstone, and a few others the stayed on the Darkness side. After the surprise attack, Shadowwolf, our leader, left most of us and only took the strongest ones back to his base. Before we joined the Builders, our names were different. Mine was Fog. Our names just got a bit longer with a gemstone at the end. I joined the Darkness in the spring of 2010 with my brother. My brother looks just like me except for the hair color and scars. I have deep, clear, blue eyes, a scar less face, blond hair spiked up into a Mohawk almost, and about 5 feet tall. My brother also had a scar less face, but had sleek, jet black hair, same style as mine. We were about 11 when we joined the Darkness group. We never would have guessed that we would have joined the Builder's and end up fighting our former group.