The door opened and nine people stepped into Shadowwolf's room. I recognized some of them, like Pine and Cactus, but everyone else was new.

"Fog, this Grass. He is a bit of a new member here so he will be helping you with some of the easy stuff." Shadowwolf said. I looked over to where Shadowwolf pointed and saw a teen with spiky light brown hair, grass green eyes, and a scar across his cheekbone. Interesting, I wonder where he got the scar. I thought to myself.

"This is Moon. He is one of the original ten members here. His has quite some experience to fighting." I looked at Moon and noticed that his eyes where a bright, pale grey, and had short black hair. He had a scar that went across his left eyebrow. Do all of them have scars?

"You already know Cactus and Pine. Pine is one of the calmer fighters of our group. He usually helps with everything. Cactus has a prickly attitude that shouldn't be messed with at all. He is one of my followers, but isn't from the original ten people that we had." Shadowwolf told me.

"Trust me, Fog, you do not want to get on his bad side. He's is quite temperamental." Pine warned.

"Not as temperamental as Dark and Shade. They are worse." Cactus snapped.

"True. Not as bad as them, but still pretty close." Pine laughed. Cactus just pouted and mumbled under his breath curses at Pine.

"We're not temperamental! We can control our tempers if we want!" Dark snapped

"Yeah, that's when you want to control your tempers. Key word there. Want." Pine said teasingly.

"Blood, that is Stone. He is the most experienced one here besides me. He is one the original ten. I trust him the most, and he is calmer then Pine." I looked over to see a teen with gentle, stone grey eyes, short brunette hair, and scar near his left eye. He looked calm and at peace at the moment.

"Then there is Maple. He is very quiet and is the best spy we have here. He is in the middle of being new and old. He has been able to walk into an enemy base without getting detected so far. I believe he has spied for us at least, what, fifty times? I think that's right…" Shadowwolf said unsure

"F-fifty seven times Sh-shadowwolf. Today will m-make it fifty eight." Maple said in a slightly irritated voice. He had blue eyes, maple wood colored hair and a scar on his neck.

"Yes, thank you Maple. Wind is like Grass. He is slightly a bit new here. And Dark is one of my second closest followers. Stone comes first in line. Dark tends to be one of the fiercest fighters here, and tends to not give up anything without a fight, which sometimes isn't always good for the group or him. But it does come in handy sometimes."

"Ah, so we have three experienced people teaching us and then one newish person helping us with the basics and stuff, right?" I asked.

"Yep. In fact today, Dark and Pine will be teaching you the basics of fighting. Cactus, Wind, Grass, Maple, Stone, and Moon, you will be spying on the group that we are going to get rid of soon."

"Wh-which one, eh? T-the big one on our left, t-the small one behind us, or t-the one on the right of us?" Maple asked.

"The one on the left, you idiots. Didn't I just say the ones that we are trying to get rid of?!" Shadowwolf growled

"Yes, but aren't we tr-trying to get rid of all o-of them, eh?"

"When I say the one we are trying to get rid of, that means the one that we want out of first."

"Oh. Ok, so m-much easier if you w-would have just said it like th-that, eh?"

"Just get out of here now. That means all of you. Stone, take at least four other people with you on the mission. Their base is big so we need to be able to see everything."

"Yes Shadowwolf. I will do that. Come guys, let's go get River, Rain, Shade, and Ice." Stone said calmly. With that we all left Shadowwolf's room.

"So what are we going to be learning today?" I asked

"We are going to go over some simple basics, and then you are going to practice with us so we know where you're at in your fighting and we will help you adjust to our style. And don't think just because you are new means that we are going to go easy on you." Dark explained.

"/oh god. Brother, it was nice knowing you. We are probably going to die today./" I said to my brother

"/ Quit being so melodramatic about it, Fog. You aren't going to die, and you probably will end up with just a few bruises and stuff. Nothing major enough to take you to the hospital./" he replied back in German

"/ Next thing you know, I will be in a hospital bed with a broken leg. I bet you ten bucks that I am going to end up sitting out in some training one way or another./"

"Quit speaking in whatever language you are speaking in. Speak English please." Dark growled.

"We were speaking in German." I said to them.

"Well, less talk, we are going to start training." Dark snapped.

"Somebodies got a stick up their ass today." I mumbled to Blood

"No really? I thought he was so happy." He replied sarcastically.

"Haha! No." I said back to him.

"I said stop talking we need to get started on training if you are ever going to want to join one of our raids on other groups." Dark growled.

"Okay. We were just waiting for you to stop acting as if you have a stick up your ass." I said to him

"Nice one, Fog." Pine said giving me a high five. Dark, on the other hand didn't look quite too happy at me. In fact, he looked like he was about to bomb and murder at least three countries. Pine looked at him, looking concerned. "Oh come on, Dark, you have to admit that was funny. He really didn't mean it, did you Fog?"

"Um, yes I did mean it." I said with no hesitation.

"Oh dear, Fog, I suggest you run before he decides to kill you. I mean it. He isn't quite too happy now." Pine warned.

"Come here you little piece of shit!" Dark yelled. He lounged forward at me, but Pine tried holding him back. "Get off of me Pine! I need to kill that Nazi bastard!" he screeched.

"Oh, it is so on! I am not a Nazi! I am not even German! I just speak German!" I retorted back at him. This time it was my turn to lounge at him, but my brother stopped me. "Bruder, let go of me! He called me a Nazi, so I have to get revenge on him!"

"Nein, you cannot hurt him just to get revenge." He said calmly, while struggling to keep me in his grip.

"Pine, let go of me before I kill you too!" Dark screeched. He broke out of Pine's grip at the same I broke away from my brothers. As soon as we were both free we lounged at each other before either of them could stop us.

"I am going to kill you, you stupid German!" he yelled. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled. In response he grabbed mine and did the same thing. With my free hand I pushed his face away, and tried kneeing him in the balls. When I did so successfully, he winced and let go of my hair, only to punch me in the face. I yanked his hair harder and felt a couple of the brown black hairs get pulled out. He flipped our positions so that he was on top. He punched me again, but I took advantage of the distraction to flip our positions again.

"You think I'm stupid? Well, I'll show you who's stupid now, you idiot." I yelled to him. Before I could throw another punch, I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pull me off of Dark. I struggled to get out of the person's grip, but failed to do so. Dark quickly got up and started running towards me, only to get tackled by Pine again.

"Let me kill that bastard!" he yelled at him.

"No, Shadowwolf wouldn't be too happy, and you would be in serious trouble! Just calm down!" Pine said calmly.

"That goes for you too, Bruder." Blood said. Dark continued to struggle underneath Pine, nut soon gave up seeing that it was getting him nowhere. I stopped struggling too and let out a sigh. After a few minutes, Blood let go of me.

"Are you both calmed down now? If not, I will just send you both to Shadowwolf, and you can talk to him about the problem." Pine asked

"I am calm now. I think I got it out of my system." I said, letting out a sigh.

"What about you Dark, you calmed now?"

"Yes, but that bastard better not insult me anymore." He grumbled.

"Good. Can we consider on using that fight as an example on how to fight?" Pine asked

"Yeah. We can analyze it, and point out important things, and how to make it better." Blood said.

"Good. So we will start with what you did well. First off, Fog seemed to be kind of ready for the attack, so he sort of knew what was coming. The first thing that he did was get a grip onto his enemy, which in this case, was his hair. That's the disadvantage of hair that is longer than two inches. It that it gives the enemy something to grab onto and pull." Pine explained

"But Dark also took that advantage to hopefully get Fog to let go, which is why Fog used his free hand to push his head away while pulling on his hair at the same time, in attempt to get him to release." Blood said

"He also took advantage of the weak spot that every guy has, which hopefully didn't do anything serious enough to prevent Dark from having kids in the future. Hopefully." Pine added in.

"I am fine. It didn't even hurt that much." Dark growled.

"You're just too prideful to admit that it hurt. I saw you wince when he hit you." Pine stated. "Anyways, you always want to take advantage of the weak points of people when you are fighting. It stalls them from a few second to minutes, which is quite helpful in fights that you are sort of losing."

"True. It is quite helpful because you can easily take advantage very quickly of the situation, because they will be dazed when you hit them, and then even more shocked when you switch positions in the fight." Blood agreed.

"So, if this fight would have continued, Fog would have some chance of winning, but Dark has more experience in the fighting field, so he probably would have won this one." Pine said

"This is why you need to train with us. So you can be able to defeat your enemy quickly. I have to say though, you were stronger than I expected, which leads us into another advantage." Dark added in. "If you show your enemy at first that you are weaker than you really are, they will think it will be easy to take advantage of you. Most of them will fight easier than they usually do, because they think that you won't need to use as much skill and force to take you down. Then, when you feel it is truly time to fight back, you will end up giving them a big surprise. The weaker you pretend to be, the more shocked the person will be when you come out with full strength." He lectured.

"He's right. The more tricks you use, the better surprise you will have for them. Another way to help you to win a fight is to quickly look over your enemy and try to pinpoint their weaknesses and strengths. It is actually harder than it sounds, because you probably will only get five seconds to pinpoint most of their weakness. Sometimes, they will do the same and look at you and try to find yours. When your enemy does that, take advantage of that extra time and try to pinpoint his." Pine said.

"You also will be able to learn their weaknesses while you fight too, because you will be looking on where they are going, what their attack is, how they defend themselves, how fast they are, and how they fight. It takes a lot of practice to get used to pinpointing the weakness within a few mere seconds." Dark lectured again.

"But you don't want to spend all your time pinpointing everything. You also want to plan out how you are going to fight this person. You have to usually think ahead a bit on what to do. But like pinpointing the weakness, you have to do this fast. You usually rely on natural instincts, which are good, but you don't want to rely on them too much. Other wises, you will be practically relying on if you get lucky on winning the fight. It sometimes takes a while to get used to, but you will soon get used to it." Pine added in.

"Ah, so you want to take as much advantage as you can from your opponent." I said. It makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to win a fight. "How often will the opponent look at you to try and see if you have any weaknesses?"

"Probably not often. Only once every few fights. Not very often, this is why you need to learn to be able to do it in a few mere seconds." Dark answered.

"Hey, looks like the people that Shadowwolf sent to spy are back. Let's go and see what they have to say on what they found." Pine commented. We walked back towards Shadowwolf's room and entered after Pine knocked on the door three times.

"I was just about to get someone to fetch you, Pine. So, how did the training go?" he asked

"It went well, for the most part." Pine answered.

"What do you mean for the most part?"

"Well, you see, Fog said something about Dark, and Dark got angry and called Fog a Nazi, since he speaks German, and that got Fog angry, which led to a fight. Luckily, we used that fight as an example for our training." Pine said while rubbing the back of his head nervously.

"What did you say Fog that got Dark angry?" Shadowwolf asked me

"Oh, I said that we were talking, wanting for him to stop acting as if he had a stick up his ass so we could get on with training. And then Pine asked me if I really did mean what I said and I told him yes and then that's when he called me a Nazi." I said to him.

"Interesting. Oh well, Maple, what information did your group get while you were spying?" he turned his attention to Maple

"Well, we w-were looking on how th-they fought. They were quite strong, but s-slow. They also f-fought one-on-one with e-each other. Never more th-than one opponent. T-they also s-seem to circle t-their enemy before t-they attack, eh" Maple informed.

"Good. Fog, what could use take advantage of them?" he asked me

"We could use speed to take away their strength in their attacks. And since they are slow, their fighting moves will be quite easy to predict so we could take advantage of that and mess up their attack." I said to him.

"Good. Blood, what else could we use to our advantage?" He asked my brother

"Since they only fight in pairs, and only one opponent, we could easy double up on them, since they are only used to fighting against one person." Blood said confidently

"We could also take advantage of their time to look at us, to pinpoint weakness, and attack before they do." Shade added in.

"What other information do we have on them?" Shadowwolf asked Maple.

"We know that they usually arrive closer to noon than in the morning. Once they are all there, they send out scouts to guard their territory. They usually have everyone there by thirty minutes past twelve. The guards go throughout the entire territory, for half an hour, before going back to a certain spot where they meet the other guards and swap information. They then head back to their base and then they don't send another round of guards till almost two o'clock. After those come back, they send the next wave at three o'clock. They continue this pattern till about five o'clock. The time that they aren't guarding is usually half an hour. They send three guards along the border nearest to us. They send the others more heavily on their open borders and the group to their right, the one behind us, otherwise known as the Stealers. They usually don't have anyone in their base before twelve o'clock. They all leave about six o'clock." Maple summarized in a hushed voice. I looked at everyone and they looked shocked at the moment. Was it because of all the information Maple knew of, of the group? Or was it just the fact that the way the other group had their routine? I don't think I will ever know…

"Maple…." Pine said, still looking shocked. Someone started to clap their hands together. Soon everyone was clapping their hands together for some unknown reason. I joined in with the clapping even though I didn't know what it was for.

"That is the longest time I've heard Maple talk without stuttering over his words. Big accomplishment there!" Shade said.

"Yeah, I don't think he has ever done that before." Stone commented.

"I-it's because I w-was talking in a wh-whispered voice. S-so I was able to not s-stutter over my words." Maple said louder this time.

"No wonder when we are in enemy territory, you don't stutter. It's because you talk quieter. I thought it was because we were enemy territory and you didn't want them to think you were weak." Moon added.

"Non. I don't stutter wh-when I whisper." He said in an almost quite voice.

"Well, now that we all know that you can go a long time with stuttering, let's get back on track. We need to come up with a plan so we can attack them possibly tomorrow." Shadowwolf said.

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