"Anyone have any suggestions?" Stone asked. Everyone looked thoughtful for a few minutes before someone spoke.

"Maybe since they aren't guarding their territory for about half an hour, we could use that time to send out an attack. And then we would retreat, then attack again at another break." Said a teen I hadn't seen before.

"Good suggestion, River. We could attack multiple times in one day. But I say we could attack the guards from all sides and then attack their base since they wouldn't have anyone to tell them they are under attack." Shade suggested.

"True, b-but do we really h-have enough people t-to fight t-the guards and t-the base? T-they only have five m-members less t-than us. And s-since Fog said t-that we could put t-them at disadvantage by g-ganging up on t-them, we really d-don't have enough people to do t-that." Maple said.

"Maple has a point. Maple where is their base located?" Blood asked

"N-near the middle. W-why?" he replied

"Good, because I have plan. Where do the guards usually meet at?"

"Cl-closer to t-the border t-that is opposite of our shared b-border. Only a f-five minute walk away f-from the base, t-three minute run t-to the base even f-for the slowest runner."

"Good. See my plan is while they are going to meet at that place; we sneak close to their base, and then wait for them to be spread out before we attack. Maple, how many usually go out to guard?"

"A-about e-eleven to t-thirteen people. We have a-at a t-total of t-thirty p-people. T-they have five l-less people t-than us, so only about fourteen people at t-the base at t-the most when t-the guards are out."

"So that means that we could take about twenty people with us and fight the one's in the base. Then once the guards start head back towards the base, we will hide and then we will run when they are in the base." Blood said.

"That is a good plan. Problem is what if the guards hear us? Then the plan is a wasted attempt." Said a girl that I only seen once.

"T-they can't hear t-the base even if someone s-screamed at t-the top of t-their lungs, Rain."

"Ah, then that would be a good plan. Raise of hands to those who agree with Blood's plan, then" Shadowwolf said. Everyone raised their hand and nodded at Blood's plan.

"Then it is agreed. We will go with Blood's plan. Tomorrow, River, Rain, Shade, Dark, Pine, Stone, Blood, Fog, Cactus, Grass, Moon, Wind, Maple, Dirt, Sky, Night, Star, Mud, Bear, and me, will go on the invasion. Stone, tell the others that we have come up with a plan and will start getting rid of the Guards by tomorrow. The rest of you may go and practice fighting." Shadowwolf dismissed us out of his room and as soon as we were outside of his room, me and my brother got pulled by Pine and Dark.

"Ahhh! Slow down! Where are we going?" I asked as I got pulled violently by Dark

"We are going to see how you fight and help you fight better. We are going to pinpoint what weaknesses we can see easily see and how to hide them." Dark said briefly not looking back or slowing down. I just quietly followed him as he dragged me outside. When we finally got outside, we stopped and we waited a few seconds for Pine and Blood to catch up.

"Rip my arm off its socket next time, will you?" I said to Dark sarcastically.

"Okay, I will do so next time. Now there's no time for jokes so we can train this time." Dark said threateningly.

"Oh, Dark, quit being so dark. Lighten up a bit. Remember on how easy it was to fight the Guards last week? They will be the same this week so no need to go so rough on them." Pine said cheerfully.

"How can you be so sure, Pine? They could have gotten new people to replace the old ones, and might fight differently now."

"Oh, Dark, I don't think a group can switch out all its members out within just a few days. We will just stick close to them when we fight." He said still in a sweet, teasing voice.

"Fine. What should we do then?"

"They really don't know the territory that well, so I was thinking that maybe we could have Stone, if he's not busy, show them around. We will have someone show them around the territory. M'kay?" Pine said, seductively

"Sounds like a plan to me. Come on, follow us. We will get Sky to show them around. He knows this place better than most of us do." Dark said not taking notice of Pine's seductive voice. I followed him as he lead us into the house once more. We eventually came across a teen with sky blue eyes, short blond hair and a scar along him jaw bone.

"Hey, Sky, you need to show these two around the territory so they know where they are going." Dark said. With the mention of his name Sky turned around and looked at us.

"The new guys? Sure, I will show them around! Come on guys. Let's get going because our territory is a bit big." Sky said cheerfully.

"Thank you Sky!" Pine said to Sky.

"No problem!" he said over his shoulder. "So, I have heard of you guys, but never seen you. How do you like the Darkness so far?"

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