Subway Blackout

You sit alone, quietly on one of the reddish brown chairs in a subway cart. You have your earphones in and you're listening to your favorite song. The distant clack clacking of the subway train echoes throughout the cart while specks and rays of light pass by in flashes and moments that are too fast for you to even bother with. You lean your head back and it bumps into the window. Ah, I think I'm almost at my destination. But this took so long… You think to yourself quietly when suddenly, the lights in the cart flicker. You make nothing of it, until the lights flicker again. Damn, this subway is too old. They have to update it soon. The lights flicker ever so briefly ever few seconds. Flicker. Flicker. Flicker. You hear a loud and sudden BZZZZZT as the lights go out and the subway stops. It's as if everything has stopped. Your breathing has stopped. Your movements have stopped. Time has seemingly stopped. But your music is still playing. Your music is the only thing keeping you in the world of reality. Good, you're still in reality. But what happened to the subway? What's going on with the lights? It's so dark, is this a black out? Great, this damn hunk of metal finally crashed and died. Ugh, why is it so old? You letout and exasperated sigh as you stand up and take your belongs. You head towards the front of the subway, hoping to meet the driver or someone to help explain to you what just happened. You slide the doors open and step into the next cart. Everything's so dark. I can barely see my hands. This sucks! You pull out your phone and turn the screen's brightness up. You shine the phone around as if it was a flashlight. Scanning the cart, you realize that it doesn't seem like anyone's here. You sigh and head towards the other end of the cart. Tonk. Tonk. Ton-tonk. To-tonk. Tonk. Something's not right. The rhythmic tonk tonking of your footsteps on the metal floor become slightly off as you walk. You stop. Tonk. There it is again. That sound that's not made by your footsteps. Your body tenses up. It's ok. There's someone else here. he or she probably has the same motive as me. With this excuse in mind, you slowly turn around to face the person. But you freeze halfway in the turn. You stare at the figure, shrouded in black. The only thing you can see clearly is its mask. You and the figure stare at each other for what seems like agonizingly long hours. Suddenly, the light flickers again. You catch a glimpse of how he looks. Black boots. Black coat. Black shirt. Medium length black hair. White mask. Black mouth. Red lightning mark. The image burns itself into your mind and suddenly, in this intense darkness, you see him clearly. The light flickers again, this time you see he's holding some sort of dual dagger. He turns it over in his hand and he shifts his body. You blink. He's in front of you. You blink. He's gone. You whip yourself around. You turn a complete circle, looking for where he is. You stop. You blink. You feel something cold against you neck. You feel the cold object slide away and your body relaxes. You turn around and put your hand on your neck. "Oh man, dude. You had me there for a second!" You chuckle nervously, but you stop shortly after you start. The figure isn't there anymore. No one's around. You stroke your neck lightly, feeling where that cold object touched. But your neck doesn't feel cold. Instead, it feels warm. Very warm. Incredibly comfortable warm. But it's disgusting. Something about this warmth sets you off. You slowly bring your hand in front of you. You can't see anything, but something's on your hand. You smell it. It smells rusty. You touch it. It feels thick. You dare yourself to lick it with the tip of your tongue. It's blood. You body freezes up completely as the realization hits you like a tumbling boulder. Your neck is bleeding. It's ok! It's ok! It's only bleeding. The skin probably got cut! Nothing to worry about! I just have to go to the hospital later and get a bandage! Nothing. To. Worry. About… Nothing. You frantically try to persuade yourself that you're fine. You laugh at the situation and tilt you neck a little. Just a little, to let out a laugh. But that was enough. Enough to finally open the wound so deep, that the head literally cannot stand on the neck anymore. Your blood sprays out from your neck like a fountain. You collapse onto the ground, struggling to attempt some way to save yourself. Your futile attempts become silly. Nothing is working. Then the light flickers again. It flickers. Flicker. Flicker. Then the familiar BZZZZZT sound rings through your ear. The lights turn back on. The subway starts to inch forward. Your music, which you have completely forgotten about, plays quietly in your ear. The lights begin to fade. The music mutes itself. You see the reddish brown chairs now tainted and splattered with a vibrant red paint. You see the red paint dripping off the chairs. You some more red paint sliding past you on the floor. All you feel is the subtle rocking of the subway. It sways your body like how a mother cares for her baby. Your senses become dulled as everything fades to nothing. The subway speeds on for a few more seconds before stopping completely. Ah, another blackout already? Jeez, they really need to fix this subway… Or maybe, I finally got to my stop. Yeah, I finally got home. Hey, someone, help me up. I can't feel my body. Someone… A tear leaks out of your eye and falls into the pool of red underneath you. It mixes with the red and flows away with it. Your thoughts end here. Nothing matters to you anymore. You already got home. You're home. Time to sleep.