Blackout field day, duct tape fights

Feel like a queen night after night

Riding bikes through morning air

The wind blowing through my hair

Sandbox filled with spiderwebs

Sidewalk says "Hawaii-land"

And...endless roads, library pedometers

Summertime, rising thermometers

Long thrown away, everything's done

But memories will never be gone

I can't help that I'm human

You can't stop me from being myself

It doesn't make me different from anybody else

And I used to be happy when I was alone

Most everything I did was completely on my own

The nurse's office was like a jungle and it reminds me of

My real home

In a clearing, there's a stump of a tree

That I sat on and read E.T.

Discovering dust bombs, fight with sticks

We planned attacks by water fountain bricks

But the battle that really mattered

Dust bombs flew and our swords clattered

I stood up on that same log

Yelled "Everybody quiet!" and there was an enormous pause

One of the enemy repeated the same

I just sighed, and got back in the game

I can't help that I'm human

I can't help that I feel this way

I'm not a violent person

So we were always careful, I've gotta say

The worst injuries sustained were of our feelings

Fixed later that day with a movie and ice cream

Well, maybe there were pinches, but never broken bones

And mean remarks that made us groan

Back in my real home

Book sales, LEGOs, and moving beds

The baseball bat that hit me on the head

Bike ride full of angry glares

Book-filled space beneath the stairs

Free cake, Barbie dad, elephant hair band

Construction site, walk to school, firework neighbors and

Enemies that we didn't hate

We could've pretended, but now it's too late

Turn around, best friend, they're right behind you

If you run now, we'll never find you

Of course they all just had to stay

We had another stick fight that day

I still can't remember who won and who lost

All I know is it never cost us

Anything for us to shine

Between the ages of 4 and 9

And right now I wish I could curl up

And wake up in that house, things'd be looking up

In that place that hurts to the bone

They call it my old home

But it's still my real home