My name is Adam. I'm like your average 14 year old boy. I like stuff like soccer and surfing the internet, but I learned that you can't always trust what you find on the internet. I've never been quite the same since that day.

It was late one Sunday night when I was surfing the internet, like I normally do, when I came across a forum post about a game where you can use different things to torture a rag doll. I decided to test it out, so I downloaded it. It was just one file, labelled . I double clicked it and it opened. The screen showed a rag doll, kind of like the ones from Little Big Planet, except no zipper. There were several items on the bottom. Some were like you would expect for torturing, like a knife or a baseball bat, but some where stranger, like a noose and a chainsaw. I shrugged it off and clicked on the knife. I dragged it across the shoulder of the rag doll, and it ripped open. Strangely, blood squirted out of it even though it was just a rag doll. Honestly, I didn't feel like playing a game like that so late at night, so I turned it off.

The next day I saw my friend, Andrew, walking across the schoolyard with a large bandage around his shoulder. Creepily, it was in the same spot as where I had cut the rag doll, but I shrugged it off as a weird coincidence.

"Dude, what happened to you?" I asked, pointing to his shoulder.

"I don't really know. I went to sleep perfectly fine, but in the morning I had this big cut on my arm. I'm pretty sure I must have fallen out of my bed in the middle of the night." He replied. I nodded, and we went to our first class. The day went by like normal. Pretty boring, I must admit, but I was at least happy that it was over quickly. When I got home, I ate and then went up to my computer again. I spent a few hours watching YouTube videos, and then I started getting bored, so I opened up the file again. This time I decided to use the baseball bat. It didn't really help my boredom, so I just shut the computer off and went downstairs to watch TV.

The next day when at school, Andrew had a really large bruise on his arm. Again it was in the spot where the I had hit the rag doll. This time I was getting suspicious. Again I asked him what happened, and this time he replied by saying that he got hit in the arm with a flyaway bat at his baseball game. At first I thought it was very strange he had injuries corresponding to the rag doll, but when he said a baseball bat. I decided to invite him over so that I could show him the program.

He came over after school and he sat down on the table beside my computer. I opened the program and showed him how it worked.

"So basically, you can choose any of these items to hurt the rag doll." I said. He nodded in reply. I grabbed the knife and was careful to put a small cut on his leg. My friend got up and knocked over one of the glasses that were on the table. It shattered against the ground and one of the pieces cut him in the place where the rag doll was cut. I knew that it wasn't a coincidence any more. I turned back to the computer so that I could close and delete the program, but when I moved the mouse, the screen glitched out and the mouse began to move on it's own. I tried to stop it from moving towards the noose, but was unable to move the mouse. It clicked the noose and the rag doll was then hung. Andrew began floating upwards, his chin pointed upwards as if he were being choked by an invisible noose. All I could do was watch in horror as the mouse clicked the chainsaw and began sawing the rag doll in half. I turned back to see Andrew being torn in half, screaming in agony. His body fell limp on the floor with a sickening thud. After that my computer crashed and began smoking. It then lit on fire, eventually burning the house down, and I had never found the remains of Andrew since then. I no longer live in that same neighbourhood, which I'm thankful for because it meant that I wouldn't be targeted by police officers if they ever did find his body. Like I said, I have never been the same since. I've always been wary of what I download on the internet, and have never gone back to that same forum post again. And here's a piece of advice. If you ever find a forum post with a download for , don't ever touch it. Close the browser immediately, and remove the website from your history. I don't want what happened to Andrew to happen to one of your friends.

Hey guys, It's me, back from a long (long) break. I had the idea of this Creepypasta for a few days before posting. This is not my first Creepypasta. That's on my Fanfiction account, Grandmaster-Apple, for Pokemon. Go on and check it out. Leave a comment about what you think, and I'll see you guys later.