I feel a tiredness in my bones that
Wasn't there before,
And a frost in my veins that
Makes my skin feel raw.

The snow has settled in
The chambers of my heart,
And it stifles all life so that
It may never start.

Please don't think I'm sad;
I'm not offering you my tears.
This feeling is closer to loneliness;
I am offering you my fears.

I've spent so many seconds,
So many minutes, so many hours,
So many days and weeks
And months and years,
Trying to find the formula
For the root cause of all these fears.

But every equation I pick apart
Presents me with another anew;
And it's all so complex now
That I can't even explain it to you.

I am living in a frozen web,
With icy dew drops dangling
From every fragile stem.
And I'm waiting for the Spring to come
To melt the web away again.