Title: The Diary of the Knight Alistair of Normandy

Rating: T

Genres: Historical/Adventure/Drama

Summary: "The year is 1066. I fight now for fight runs in my naïve veins. Onward to England where the Saxons keep their greedy claws sunk deep!"

Story Notes: This is my last entry. It's kind of sad. This was amazing to write and I found myself talking in the whole Medieval Europe/France dialect. My mom made fun of me a lot. Ha, it's really quite amusing how you fall into a writing rut like that after completing something like this. You should've seen the stuff I wrote after this. I almost felt bad for it.

Author's Notes: Thanks to all those who read this - and thanks to Cheerful Ghost who reviewed. I wish you guys would let Alistair's memory go out with a bang (which I obviously saying). Again, thanks to everyone!

Year – 1066

I believe that this will be my last entry. I thank Kipling for this diary, which has served me well these days of battle. I intend to ride home with my horse and a very few amount of people. Most chose to stay in England, seeing that Duke William, or better, William the Conqueror, has given great deals of land as he promised. I suppose this will bring some form of French feudalism to the lands of Saxons.

Drake chose to stay in Britain, knowing that he took a liking to the lands he was offered. I know my dear sister will be dreadfully disappointed, but it makes me chuckle to think of her pouting face.

I admit, one of my only reasons for returning home are my sister and my mother. My mother mostly, as the poor frail women is widower and worry quite constantly what will become of her – me being her only son running off to find glory on the battlefield. I feel often guilty for these deeds, but I never leave long enough for chaos to break, even with Adelaide being there.

I ride now to my home, the small Viking descended village of Normandy. I pray you goodnight, my friend. I wish you the best in life, and good luck. You are the one now to carry on the knowledge of my being, as I will surely be forgotten in the coming years. Remember me, and never forgot. I bid you farewell – from the year 1066, October.

A/N: Looking back now, it's kind of funny just how much time a research I put into this short little diary for a history project. Well, it brought my history grade to an A+. I hope everyone liked this as much as I liked writing it and as much as my history teacher obviously liked reading it! Thanks for making this so awesome!

From the year 2013, April

-Ghostly Melody512