Creative, Original, Obvious

That's how people describe me

Yet they don't see the other side

The side that isn't anything people would notice

The side that is this:

Vulnerable, Insecure, Emotional

The side that people can relate to

They just see the side that smiles all the time

They don't see the side that I try to hide

They don't see the side that would explain me

Sometimes I grow tired of it

And wish people would just notice when I cry

But no one ever does

No ever bothers to ask me "Why?"

But it doesn't matter

Because I can handle it on my own

Just sometimes I wish I didn't have to

A/N: This one is more of a self-reflective thing. I noticed the other day that people see me and immedialy know I'm the creative, nerdy bookworm who spends all of her free time on books and writing but no one ever really notices that I'm not JUST that. I do have other interest. And I do get upset very easily.