The gates of Heaven were as beautiful as they were effective. They hadn't been constructed as much as they had been created. No one remembered who, and no one remembered why; and the Kingdom beyond them couldn't be described in words.

Heaven could only be ruled by one who possessed the power within the kingdom. The power that united it, made it whole. The power was bestowed on one of the seven ruling Gods of the domains. They would gather, once every changing of life, or when each domain had switched dominant species. And they would remain and debate for years. After a decision was finally reached, the elected could make one change, no questions asked. After that, a normal democratic rule began.

Gabriel knew what this one would be. He knew the entire outcome. He smiled devilishly, which was odd considering he was an Angel. There was a certain hierarchy or rule in Heaven. And after this election, everything would change. Forever. This current debate was a waste of time.

A loud and annoying waste of time, thought Gabriel as one of the Gods stood up and objected to a past statement.

"No, I do not think that Ferrodeus will lead us into prosperity. I think that he will undermine everything we have worked so hard to accomplish! I have seen him deal with Demons! I have watched him buy their services in turn for overlooking their activity! You wonder why Ferrodeus's domain is such a paradise that it rivals this very kingdom. Demons. That is why. He has bargained for prosperity!" It was around this time that Gabriel tuned out. As an Angel, he was permitted to attend the debate. But he mostly regretted it every time.

There were seven Gods in total – Six when a True God was elected – and each commanded their own domain. There were four Gods and Three Goddesses. Ferrodeus, Cassiel, Sariel and Lyr were the Gods. Damara, Sorina and Amelia were the Goddesses. The last True God had been Sariel, who had stepped down five years ago. This started the voting for a new one.

Each domain contained three similar worlds. Each God or Goddess – With the creationism power from the True God – had formed three Lesser Gods (Those without power sufficient enough to be considered a full God) One to govern over each world. As the people of the worlds are no better than animals, it was soon realized that laws were needed. And with that, law enforcement.

That was where Angels like Gabriel came into play. Angels were created by taking citizens of any domain, and shaping them in the likeness of the Gods. It didn't take too much raw power, but it took skill. Only a minimum of a Lesser God could accomplish it. Angels were not only the police of each world, but they were also a garrison. An army. Not necessarily for the people of the worlds, but for the Demons that so commonly plagued the domains. And naturally, the Gods need those who can lead their armies. That fell to the demigods, half God, half Angel individuals who possessed enough power to command their armies. The entire hierarchy had been in place from the first True God. After one was elected, he (or she) made one absolutely unquestioned decision. None could oppose.

The True God commanded the other six Gods. Those Gods commanded the three Lesser Gods of their worlds. Those Lesser Gods governed the world, and directed the demigods, who in turn, ordered the Angels.

Gabriel, being at the bottom of the command chain, had already started his plan to emerge on top. It all hinged on this election though.

"My good lord Cassiel," Ferrodeus began. "I am insulted that you would even think that I would associate with those vile–"

"Oh don't act so high and mighty!" Damara interrupted, with evident rage in her voice. "We all know that you not only associate with them," at this Ferrodeus flushed.

Well would you look at that. Gods can blush, thought Gabriel with a smirk.

"How is your Demonic sweetheart hmmmm?" Damara taunted.

At this comment, Ferrodeus turned from embarrassed, to livid. He clenched his fists and energy started sparking about him.

"You have no proof!" He shouted. "None whatsoever!

There was a moment of silence.

"Could we please get on topic again?" muttered Sorina. At that, the Gods resumed their usual banter. Insulting others. Promoting one's self image. And wasting time.

I hate politics thought Gabriel as he got up and left.

The entire kingdom of Heaven was built around the divine hall. It spread out for kilometres in every direction. But then, there were the gates; the magnificent gates of Heaven. Nothing short of Godly. And even past them, the path to the domains. Six paths away from the Gates, each leading to a respective domain.

This'll all change after His Excellency Cassiel is elected the True God, thought Gabriel. Then instead of six paths, it will be seven. Seven paths, seven Gods, seven domains, and me, turned into a God.

Gabriel walked down to the garrison that some Angels resided in during the elections. He walked in, and slumped down on his bunk. He had been listening to the Godly prattle for a good week now. They had been arguing for five years. According to past elections, they should reach their decision in a matter of days.

Gabriel sat up and removed his tunic, exposing his heavily muscled chest to the cold, garrison air. He quickly lay down among the blankets. All male Angels were muscled as he was. And all female Angels were extremely...curvaceous. They were the object of every male's desires. The male Angels were more common though, with far fewer females, they were no less respected or feared on the battlefield though. Gender was not a hindrance when they were all equally skilled. Males had a slight muscle advantage, but females were more agile. More graceful. That was one of the reasons they were used as elite soldiers. Females were more subtle.

Gabriel smiled as he closed his eyes. He was special though, and everyone knew it. He was stronger than the strongest male, and swifter than any female. It wasn't due to mere training either.

Gabriel was more powerful than any other Angel. He had the blood of Cassiel in him. He was, by all rights, a Lesser God. Most Angels were created by blessing an individual of one of the worlds with a small amount of power, enhancing their physical capabilities. Then by interbreeding, it's possible to get Angels with different powers, healers and fire-slingers for example. The likelihood of this happening and the intensity of the power increased as the two beings that were interbreeding were more powerful. Gabriel was the product of a God and an Angel, but due to tradition, he could not be named a Lesser God, or even a demigod. He remained an Angel.

That was the founding blocks of his plan. He was completely eligible to receive his own domain, and be made a God. It was just tradition that stood in his was. There have always been seven Gods. No more, no less. The Gods were also ageless. They had always been, and always will be. He was an Angel of twenty-four years. The damn traditions would spit on him being a God.

Gabriel was planning to undermine all that. His father, Lord Cassiel was the unanimous choice. His domain was as great and powerful as Lord Ferrodeus's, without his demonic intervention. However, corrupt as Ferrodeus might be, he could still be a great asset to Gabriel.

Funny that I, an Angel, consider the Gods to be assets, he thought as he lay down for sleep. The next few days would be crucial to his plan. They would be crucial to history as well. Because they would change it forever.

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