Imagine what would've happened if you'd given a definite answer- a yes or no, instead of a maybe.

(Yes, I love him, have always loved him, and no I never planned for you or wanted you or needed you, yes, it's was all just a lie, yes, I did write a book about him and I will never write one for you and no, you can't read it but yes, I still think my true love is from a book I read when I was twelve and I hate that band, but not because my brother hated it too. No, I'm not listening to you right now, yes that playlist I made is about that boy who sat next to me in math class that I never saw again and I will never ever sing for you. That rings costs over 200 dollars and I wasn't going to give it to you, but you asked and I said maybe and everyone knows that maybe means yes, really; yes I have a crush on my boss, and yes, I yes I find his tattoos sexy. He is 7 years older than me and yes, I do know that is illegal – no, I wasn't unaware that I was speeding, I did it on purpose, and yes, you can take your speeding ticket and shove it where the sun don't shine. Yes, I have transfered schools and it wasn't because of you and I won't ever see you again and yes. I do miss you)
But you said maybe.

And now, you're stuck with friends you'd only dreamed about in a school you never wanted and two maybe-ex's who you maybe love and who maybe don't want you and a family who's expectations are so high for you. You, who's hair is maybe blue, maybe red.
And you never stop to wonder why you said maybe.