Once upon a time there was a Queen who settled.

She had married who her father had told her to – an ordinary King from and ordinary kingdom with an ordinary family who had no curses or spells or quests attached to their name, and they had an ordinary wedding with no fairies or witches, and yes, don't they make a lovely couple; the-level-headed king with his settling wife? And no, the queen didn't love him, but she thought he had a nice smile and a nice way with words, and she belonged to him and he belonged to her and that was enough, wasn't it? They got along well enough and who needs more than that?

Once upon a time, the-queen-who-settled and the-level-headed-king had a child. A baby girl. They named her Rose, because the queen-who-settled had a great-aunt named Rose, whom, in the queens memory, had held the queen-who'd-settled when she'd just been a princess-who'd-dreamed and told the princess-now-queen stories of contentment and everyday life: (great-aunt-Rose had been married once, to a man whom had died far too young, and she'd been left to rule a whole kingdom and raise a young son all on her own. She never married again)

Once upon a time, great-aunt-Rose told the queen-who-settled that not everyone married for love.

The Queen named her daughter Rose.

Baby-Rose grew up to become Princess Rose.

Once upon a time there was a Princess named rose who never stopped leaving.

She found trap doors and unlocked windows, tied scarves and shirts together and climbed down the balcony, went on horse rides and promptly disappeared, played hide and seek and stayed hidden. Then queen had told her to be back for dinner, and she always was. Until one day, she wasn't.

She was always looking for a fairytale; she' heard stories from this princess and the other princess about how, oh, and I was locked in a tower until my true love kissed me and, he'd been a frog, but now – well, look at him! It seemed like there were were no other fairytale left for her – no dragons had been spotted in 20 years, and the others she'd met had been too old or lacking any character or their own.

Once upon a time, the princess-who-never-stopped-leaving left to find a fairytale and never came back.