He's not that interesting; he is an average, nice boy who always turns in his color coded homework and wears matching white ankle socks and is the best brother, best son, best person you will ever meet (but he sometimes he forgets his shirt), and she is not – she lives to defy the pretty-girl expectations, strives to be a walking contradiction and it's as simple as that, really; he's just another oh-so-perfect boy and that's all he'll ever be, and she is so much more – maybe she s kind of a lunatic and kind of a rebel, but he looks up to her, in a way, and they have nothing in common except for this –

She likes the way he's always around.

Everyone always leaves. (In reality, she's the one leaving.)

She waits for that moment when everyone's happy and fits together and she just leaves. She doesn't know why – sometimes she just wants to be found, to see if she's missed, and other time she just can't take it. How everyone fits. It bothers her, and she won't have it.

She leaves a lot, everyone says.

And he always follows.

He doesn't need to. He shouldn't follow her, really, but he sees her walk and she's just so alone, and no one deserves that: he was alone once, and it almost killed him. So he doesn't exactly get why she is always going somewhere else, but he knows he can't leave her alone; that she doesn't really want to be a alone, so he follows.

She runs and he follows, and sometimes, they kiss.

The first time he'd never kissed a girl before and they tried to pretend it never happened, because he said he's only kiss a girl he loved and she would never tie herself down to someone like that. But it had happened.

She likes the way he's always around, but the thing she likes the most is how he's not afraid to follow her. And she knows, someday -

He kisses her for the 32nd (first) time by the school, and she thinks that this was how it should've gone.