Don't cut me out.

I'm here.

I'm alive.

Don't shut me out.

I could help.

If you just let me try.

Don't say it'll be alright.

Don't run and hide.

I can't save you

If you run from the light.

But I can't force you

To let me in.

So I'll just wait here

For a chance to be your friend.

Soon I'll get tired of waiting.

Wasting my time.

Soon I'll get tired of trying.

Trying to help you through.

Wasting my effort.

Wasting my breath.

Soon I'll get tired of this feeling.

Feeling so useless to you.

Wasting myself.

Soon I'll have to leave you.

Leave you by yourself.

If you won't let me in

Being here

Is only me killing myself.