This is my first story on here, so I'm not quite of the rating I might change it when I upload the next chapter. There is some minor yuri, but nothing major. . .yet. Hope you enjoy!


I Am The Monster

Our lips were locked in a heated passionate kiss as we battled for dominance. I ran my hands down the nape of her neck to receive a submission gasp, and I smiled wickedly against her lips. I began to kiss down her neck, licking and nipping the smooth surface. Her breath was becoming ragged as I kissed her jugular. I could feel my prey writhe under my touch only making me ever more hungry. I reached the collar of her shirt, and tugged at it. A simple human action. Allowing her to remove the yielding object I spotted my initial target. She wore no bra under her sweater giving me full access the scanty predictable treasure trove. However, a girl has to do what a girl has to do for a meal. Taking one of her breast in my mouth she whimpered, "What about you?"

Rolling my eyes, I whispered, "Not yet darling." Running my head over her heart I could heart it's melodious beat. I brushed my fingers over her bare skin causing her shiver with anticipation. "You want to know what my favorite organ is in the human body?"

"No, that can wait until after we are done," my partner snapped.

This girl was boring me to insanity. With my patience growing thin I answered my own question. "It's the heart, darling. Did you know that if one is careful enough you can surgically remove it and the subject will see it before they die," I smirked wickedly.

All the lust in the room had faded as pleasure turned to fear in her eyes. "Why would you say a thing like that," she staggered, trying to get up.

Of course with my strength the action was futile. "Of course," I sighed longingly, "You won't be able to see that act commit. Unfortunately for you, you have bored me."

Before she had the chance to scream I had already plunged my hand into her chest, and ripped out her still beating heart. Standing up to see my now blood stained blue shirt all I could do was smile as I held the heart in my hand. My happiness became bleak when all of sudden my door was kicked opened and the silhouette of a man greeted me bedroom. I could see the outline of my gun and hear his cruel heart breaking words. "Foul beast you have killed your last meal tonight prepare to be vanquished, and sent back-"

I watched him fall to the floor, unconscious, seeing another silhouette in the doorway I winked at this one. "Thank you dear sister," I nodded. "he was giving me some trouble."

"What should we do with him?"

With a sinister smile I had the perfect idea what to do with this hunter. "Take him to the basement," I ordered. As I followed my sister to the basement I caught my reflection in the mirror. I saw the blood on my face, and outfit's. The heart in my hand, and my demonic red eyes. I knew exactly what I was, and no one was going to change that at all. For I am a monster, and humans are my prey.