Chapter 1

Meeting the Enemy

6 years later

"I'm telling you there is no way a werewolf would ever date a vampire. It seems unpractical, and down right lame as a sub plot."

"But love conquers all."

I scratched my head already bored with this conversation. It seemed that the topic of choice for my 'friends' is talking about these awful romantic monster movies. If only they knew the truth about me and what I did in the depths of the darken night. That would change their mind about these vampire's and werewolves. Don't people know that the creature never gets the girl? The hero comes in, kills the beast, and takes the girl. Story of my life, if anyone was smart enough to figure out how to kill me.

Today was like any other though at a gas station watching my 'friends' get slushy just so they can choke them back up later. Human's I will never understand them. They are capable to get anything they want, yet these hairless monkeys waste their time trying to find ways to kill themselves. Can someone explain that to me? Not all of them are like that as I have experienced, others just whine about how crappy their lives are, and yet they do nothing to help themselves. I have classified humans in this generation into three groups; those who help themselves but end up dead because they follow some 'live in the moment' code, and the ones who kill themselves because they have 'issues'. The third group is my favorite the ones who stand up and don't take the shit that society wants them to be. Sue me if you don't agree I am just a monster and I don't have justify myself to a smelly bed bug bitten human.

As . . . well I'll be damned I don't even know their names. Shows how much I would rather have them for my next meal then keep stupidly around. I took a deep breath remembering that these fouls are my cover. Just for the sake of my own sanity I'll give them nickname, there's the Brute, the Lair, and the Hoarder. The three of them paid for their drinks, and back on their monster conversation. Ugh.

"Now, as I was saying," the brute began.

Zoning out I could have sworn I heard the sound of some music's heavy bass in the distance. In the town where I hide most people don't blare their speakers to an ear shattering decibels. Yet, as the music got closer I was able to recognize the song, and a sudden chill went down my own spine. From around the corner came a dark blue Corvette, sending a haunting vibe. I watched the car park, the music was still playing, and the driver side door opened. It had to my bad luck that the driver had parked on the far side of the parking lot, and out of my vision. All I saw was a hood though making me even more nervous for who this person could be.

The door's opened, and the hood had been removed I let out a sigh of relief to see a female. A cute female with red hair, and brown eyes. I could hear the beast in my stomach growl telling that she would make a nice meal. Staking her to the cooler area she grabbed three high energy drinks, and a twelve pack of beer. Over at the snack aisle I watched her grab everything from snack sticks to bags of chips, and a slice of gas station cheese cake. The more she grabbed the more I realized how close I had gotten until I could smell her apple scented body wash… "Excuse me," I heard a voice call in the middle of my intoxicated state.

I glanced up to lock eyes with the girl; backing away I bet I would have been blushing it I was able to. "Sorry, but I was wondering where you got your lovely body wash?"

She shrugged, "Hotel room I guess."

I laughed knowing it was not a joke, but felt the need to clear the tension. "So, are you going to eat all that by yourself?"

"No, my girlfriend is going to help me."

"Really?" I asked shocked and yet disappointed.

"Joking, I do have a friend who is waiting for this stuff in the car, so if you'll excuse me."

I noticed that my 'friends' had left me. Glad they're expendable. I decided to grabbed a bag of mini muffins just so I could tail my new meal interest. At the counter she placed all the items for the clerk who gave her the most astounded look. "Forty-five eighty," he said.

As she grabbed her wallet that was held to her pants by chain my blood ran cold as I spotted the glint of a sliver dagger. I only knew of one kind of person to wield a dagger like that: a hunter. Since this person was female then she had to be huntress. Taking her bags, I placed my item gave the clerk a five dollar bill and told him to keep the change and rushed out to maybe get a name. To kill a huntress as young-looking as her would be an amazing feat.

"Hey, um, girl," I called.

She turned, "Yeah?"

"I didn't catch your name," I said sweetly, holding out my hand. "I'm Katherine, but you can call me Kat."

"I don't like to give my name out to stranger," she said coyly with a wink, and left for the corvette.

My hand fell, and I was taken aback. No one had ever refused me, or my charm. This huntress was clever, but I knew there was always one way to break even the cleverest lambs. As I watched the car leave I chuckled to myself knowing that this was going to turn into a great came of cat and mouse.