Ripper: Innocent Monster

31 August 1888

Thousands of people walk across the streets everyday. Yet none of them notice the dark shadows that lurk near them.

The sky looked bleak and the air around looked black; as if a cloak of evil had blanketed the city.

A little girl is watching each and every one of them from a dark alley. She was sitting down, hugging her knees to her chest to keep warm. The alley was filthy and smelled of waste and rotting garbage.

She wore nothing more than tattered curtains found in a rubbish bin. Her bright blue eyes were losing its brilliance and were now a dull blue. But the most puzzling of her characteristics was her white hair.

With her pale skin and skinny body she did not look like a child, but something inhuman.

In one hand she was holding a pair of long knives, as if they were precious. She looked as if she could be attacked at any moment. She also held a teddy bear in the other hand, as if it was the only thing that let her appear as a child.

After observing countless people throughout the day, she spotted one who caught her attention.

A woman possibly in her forties. She looked at her with loving eyes.

"I found you… Mama…."

She then smiled, but not the smile of an innocent child.

It was the smile of a cruel little girl.

An innocent monster.

With weak legs she got up and followed the woman.

Later she met up with the woman and innocently said, "Hello mama…"

She hoped for a positive response.

"Get away from me filthy child!" The woman cried.

An unimaginable amount of rage swelled up within her and was released all at once.

With strength that shouldn't belong to a child let alone her, she pushed the woman down and grabbed her throat.

Somehow the woman could not fight back either because of surprise or the unusual strength of the child.

Eventually the woman stopped moving.

The girl finally stopped and had a puzzled look on her face.

"Ah mama you are not breathing…Oh I know what to do."

She took out one of her knives.

"I need to open your throat now. This might hurt, but this is for you."

She slit the woman's throat twice. She then had a smile on her face.

"This should let you breathe now." She touched the woman's cheek. "Ah you're cold now, I'm cold too… Ah, I know…" as if a revelation hit her. "Outside you're cold, but maybe inside you're warm. I'll open you up so we can both be warm."

With a smile still on her face, with no remorse or hatred of any kind, she cut the woman open.

She reached into the opening and said, "Ah, you are really warm."

The bear she had carried with her was propped up looking at the scene, but it was watching the girl.

After finishing her work, she picked up the bear by its paw.

"Bye-bye, I'll see you later."

She walked away as if nothing happened.

The next day she would forget what she did and continued looking for her mama.

8 September 1888

The girl woke up late at night, but it was difficult for her to open her eyes. She coughed and struggled to breathe.

The black mist that surrounded the entire city was the cause. After much struggling she finally opened her eyes.

She looked to her left and then right, she saw her teddy bear. She hugged it as if it were a friend.

She then noticed something else. It was another woman alone in the night.

She said to herself, "I need to see mama again."

She walked over to the woman and greeted her the same way she did the last time.

The response was the same, but more harsh.

"Go away filthy child! Who would ever be a mother to you!?"

And again she silenced the woman. Cut opened her throat; and cut opened the woman.

"I'm very cold today… Oh I know, I'll go inside of you today." She made the opening wider with the knife. "These are in the way." Skillfully she removed the obstructions within to make more room.

She tried to fit in the opening, but couldn't because of her size.

"…Ahh I can't get in, I can't get in where it's warm…" With a look of disappointment, she walked away again, with the teddy bear in hand.

As if it were alive, the bear looked back at what the girl had done.

30 September 1888

On this night the girl had visited her mama earlier, but she was interrupted by unknown shadows.

She wandered through the night to look for her again and eventually found her.

Before the woman could react she was already done.

They were somewhere secluded. She felt that her time with her mama would be longer.

"Let's see… snuggling with mama is old now… how about I dress mama."

Playfully, she cut off the woman's nose and used the knife to change how she looked. She then removed something from the woman and placed it over her shoulder, like a scarf.

After a few minutes, she became hungry.

She took out something in the shape of a bean and said, "Ah mama will let me eat this." She brought it to her mouth and bit down. "Delicious. Mama always gives me the best to eat."

The bear again was placed a little away from both the girl and the woman. While it is not visible to see it, reflected in the bears eyes. The girl had tears in her eyes.

Then footsteps could be heard. The girl ceased all activity and looked around. She saw two men approaching.

She was afraid they would take her away from her mama so she threw one of her knives at them, shattering a lantern one of the men carried.

They still didn't go away. She found two rocks near her and threw them to scare them away, but instead destroyed two lamp posts.

The men looked frightened and eventually went away.

After they went away the girl did not continue with dressing the woman. There was barely any light left.

She then walked away with the bear in hand.

She found a spot that had much rubbish near it, where rats laid festering in it. She laid down and slept in the filth, and hugged the bear unconsciously, seeking comfort from it.

9 November 1888

The girl is now sitting alone in the cold. She was shivering on the streets.

She wished she could see her "mother" for warmth, but she couldn't as she couldn't find her.

She felt lonelier than ever before.

"Excuse me little girl would you like to come with me?"

She looked up and saw a woman. She was younger than her other "mothers" and she held hand out to her.

An unknown feeling was welling up inside of the girl. It was painful but it felt very warm to her.

She nodded her head and took the woman's hand.

The woman took the girl to her home where they sat for a meal.

The bear had been placed on the table and they began to eat.

The woman did not take to mind the blood that was on the girl and her bear. She thought the girl could have been beaten and took pity on the girl.

After the meal had ended, they engaged in a conversation.

It seemed like a normal and happy conversation. But that was until the girls asked a certain question.

"Will you be my mama?"

The girl had a hopeful sort of look on her face. A hopeful face in which the woman would accept her and become her permanent mother.

"I'm sorry little girl, I can not."

Her hopes were shattered once again, but it seemed they were shattered completely.

"I can barely support myself, so taking a child would be too much strain. But I'm sure that you could…"


The woman stopped talking and listened. A sudden chill went up the woman's spine and the room was suddenly colder.

The girl lunged at the woman and put her hands to her throat.

She overturned the table they sat, throwing several things in different directions.

The sound of shattered glass was heard.

"Why does mama rejects me? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?"

The girl was griping the woman's throat even tighter.

The woman was afraid, very afraid. She was afraid that she was going to die. The fear increased because the child was smiling while she was gripping her throat.

But that fear was dispelled when she saw tears in the girl's eyes.

She started to feel pity for the girl, pity that the girl had become a monster.

"May God have pity on this child's soul." She said in her mind and finally stopped breathing.

"Ah mama stopped breathing again." She cut opened her throat.

"I'll snuggle with you a lot today and play too." She cut open the woman with her knife. And spread everything out into the room. All while laughing innocently.

"Stop looking at me like that mama!" She took the knife and used it to change the face.

On the floor the bear had been turned on its side, blood was dripping onto it. It was a witness but could not do anything.

A splash of blood got on its face and trickled down, like a tear.

Finally after the madness had stopped, the girl looked into the shattered mirror.

She had tears running down her cheeks and a smile.

Looking into it she saw her face, but it was fragmented and cracked. She then questioned…

"Who are you?"

She couldn't recognize herself any more.

10 November 1888

The next day after she had played with her mama, she still had the bear in her hand but had long forgotten where she put the knife.

She had been wandering all over the city. Not a person noticed her. Not a single person thought she was strange.

The bear was the only one who had been with her.

She continued to walk until she stopped at a town house. She looked up and saw symbols that she thought were strange.

The first of the two looked like an "S", but it was backwards and had a horizontal line at the bottom, instead of a curve. The next was a vertical line. The last symbol was a vertical line, but with half a circle on its bottom.

She then looked at the bear she had with her; and then spoke to it.

"Ah teddy you need to stay here? Okay, I'll leave you here." She placed the bear carefully on the doorstep and knocked on the door to inform whoever lived there.

"Bye-bye teddy. I need to go see mama now."

She then walked away from the bear, leaving it behind.

She continued to walk for hours.

She stopped when two men confronted her.

They were the same men she had seen over a week ago.

She ran away, as fast as she could from the men.

She was scared they would take her away from her mama.

One of the men was holding onto the bear she had left earlier on the doorstep.

When she saw he had the bear, she was shocked.

"Teddy brought the bad men with him." She felt her friend betrayed her. "I don't need teddy anymore."

She ran until she was halfway across the city, until she had to stop in front of a bridge.

The men had cornered the girl.

One of the men tried to say something to her, but she didn't listen to him.

She then continued to walk across the bridge and said,

"Bye-bye teddy, I'm going to be with mama now."

She continued to walk until a sense of weightlessness hit her.

She looked up and saw a bright light even though the day had already passed.

She saw a figure of gentle woman in front of her.

She smiled.

"Mama, I found you."

She smiled like a cruel little girl.

Like an innocent monster.