A closed-up Baldwin that shakes when you touch it

That's the most fraglie thing of all

That man's passion for his violin could snap it in half

I've never seen a realer love

A standup with a loose soft pedal

And no middle pedal at all

And the G two below middle C shifts sometimes

And the F three above middle C gets stuck

But that's where I learned to love

And it's my favorite piano

Spiderweb strings hang on vicious hearts

Ain't that all we are?

Playing isn't just playing

It's everything;

Shaking heads and squinted eyes

Heels digging into dirty carpet

Throwing ourselves onto the damper with a force that could carry winds right back where they came from

In the key of C

I want to be played like a run-down Steinway

Crumbled into passionate bits

By passion itself.