Can't Breathe

Can't Fight

Can't even turn on the light

O' Mother Mary save me

O' Father up above spare me

I've done no wrong

I've killed no one

Why am I here?

I don't belong

I died yes

But only to protect

My child, My husband

At least they're safe, I guess

Every day is pain

How can I bear it?

How will I survive?

O' me, O' my

These demons

They're so hideous

And evil, And Intense

They cause groans where they go

Causing screams and moans above and below

Never from me

Just Sing

Whenever you feel alone

Jesus loves me, Of course I know

Get everyone to join

Make yourself known

Maybe not such a good idea

Torment and Torture unloads

Dragged and beaten

Stripped of all hope

But never lose it

Few things hold firm

My wings may be darkened

My halo's a little low

This faith of mine though

It blocks EVERY blow.