A/N: Ok, this one is really short: I wrote it as a 'remake' of an old Norwegian fairytale, called The Seven Foals. In typical me-style, it's darker than the original. I might expand on this eventually, as I think it deserves a little more than just this, but it'll have to wait until I have time to work on it. For now, though, take its shortness with a pinch of salt; it's not the best I've ever written. Enjoy, and leave a little review. I do love those…. Oh, and The Reaper was inspired by the ending to this one, despite the fact that I had that topic before I wrote this. (Ok, I was wondering how to start The Reaper, and this came up at school and it hit me: this is how I want The Reaper to start:))

Invisible Magic

Brothers Daniel, Raphael and Angelo lived in a small cottage on a rich Duke's estates. The Duke's seven son's spirits were missing, stolen by an ancient evil, and the reward for their safe return was his daughter Alena's hand in marriage. Daniel left first – Greed and Lust drove him. The Duke told Daniel that his sons were last visiting their mother's grave.
Daniel left arrogantly that night, and upon arriving, died of fright when he saw seven princely spirits….
Raphael left for Pride, and met the same fate as his brother Daniel.
Angelo left last – Love bade him seek out his brothers, and return them if he could. After speaking with both the Duke and Alena, Angelo left for the Chapel to pray for strength and good fortunes; a Priest placed a silver charm and a prayer note close by. Angelo departed at dusk: his breath misted in the graveyard, alone. He saw the Duke's sons lying unconscious on altars, each carefully placed in a semicircle around a forgotten mausoleum. Nearing a central pedestal, Angelo read the prayer, freeing the aristocrats as he returned their spirits to their bodies. They thanked Angelo, and returned to their father. Daniel and Raphael were lost to their last brother, though, and Angelo returned to marry Alena.

Angelo awoke in his lofty, modern New York apartment, and fingered the silver chain….