Authors Note: Hello everyone and welcome to The Golden Flame, published by yours truly, Breloom53! This will be a long term project, so be sure to stick around while the story progresses! Like you see below, there's an Arc 1: The Fool Arcana. That means that's a certain segment of the story pertaining to a certain Tarot card. Now, enough of this AN, let's head to the story!

Arc 1: The Fool Arcana

CHAPTER 1 – Arcanas, Auras, and Elements.

I can't believe it. We finally did it. I'm so overjoyed. We, we defeated the Void. I'm so proud of us. Wait, why am I rushing into this? I actually forgot to introduce myself. I won't anyway. I'll reveal my name at the end of the book. And I'm going to tell the story as if it was just happening. Alright?

I live in the out of the way city of Layton, Ohio, and I go to the University of Layton, A small but rather prestigious and honorable university. I'm a senior who is about to graduate high school. I won't go deeper into my past so I'm just going to recall the events of the past month.

I walked through the main gates of my school, a bit damp because of some rain. A lot of rain. As I walked in, I noticed my friend Caroline talking to her friends about 15 yards away. Eh, I thought to myself. Here we go again.

Caroline looked back from her friends and saw me. She smiled like someone on ecstasy and ran up to me. She said, "Hey! Beautiful weather we're having, right?" I replied with my signature deadpan expression. "Caroline, it's storming. The weather is as beautiful as a dead rat. It's probably enough to turn the Sahara Desert into a water park.

She gave me a pout and turned her back to me. I rolled my eyes in exasperation and tiredness. I sighed in annoyance, as every other day. That sigh and eye roll was an indirect indication for her to start crying. Again. This happens every week.

Her friends were looking at me with mean expressions. I shot my Stare of Repulsion to them, and they switched into a poker face. See, my Stare of Repulsion is a skill I've perfected over the years. It immediately signifies extreme anger and resentment and repels whatever or whoever is looking at me. Pretty cool, huh?

I turned Caroline around to make her face align with mine and embraced her in a hug in an attempt to calm her down, as with every other day. Her friends stared at me again, this time with surprise, and I shot the Stare to them again. They turned into poker faces. Perfect.

"Sorry Caroline, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Again." I said. She escaped my grasp and ran back to her friends and resumed talking about whatever they were talking about before I came in. Haaah, that girl is clueless but happy most of the time. What do they call it, ignorance is bliss?

Now, before you get any ideas. Caroline's not my girlfriend or anything. She's one of my best, and my oldest, friends. Now, let me introduce her to you so I don't have to anymore. Her name is Caroline Aquarius. She's a bit short, with cream skin, hourglass form, long, dark hair, and azure eyes. She smells like vanilla, and none of us complain. She's an amazing cook, and she usually cooks for me and my friends at our dorm.

Ok, that's enough of that. Now I will continue. I walked up the stairs, fell down, got back up, dodged some weird glances, and headed to the classroom. See, I'm a senior who's about to graduate High School, and I've made a good reputation by being both Student Council President and Class President. I don't know HOW I do it.

I walked up to my friend Seth who was playing Minecraft on a table right outside our classroom. I greeted him. "What's up, Seth? Playing Minecraft as usual, eh?" Seth looked up from his laptop. "Yeah." He said. "I'm just messing with some fireworks exploding into creeper heads." My eyes widened. "There are fireworks in there?! That's totally sweet. I thought they were in 1.7.3." Seth rolled his eyes. "That was a mod. These are the Mojang approved fireworks. Added in the 1.4.6 update." I looked at my watch, and replied hastily. "Oh God, got to go. See you." I bolted to my classroom.

As I walked inside my classroom, the cute little Alexa Carter greeted me, as usual. "Hey man! How's your morning?" "It's been weird." I replied. "Heavy rain, Caroline crying as usual, Seth glued to his laptop. I wonder how he got his laptop in here anyway." Alexa gave me a pout. "It'll be good soon. The day just started y'know." I smiled and went over to my seat.

Alright, time for more intros! Whoopee. I am totally not sarcastic. Seth's surname is Green. He has short, messy jet black hair, brown eyes, and is pretty tall. He's the top basketball player in our year. Alexa Carter. She's pretty lean, short, and really cute. Even the girls think she's cute. And many of the boys do. She has very, very long black hair and has sea green eyes. That's enough of the intros for now. It's tiring me.

I walked over to my seat and toyed with my Rubik's Cube. Solving it and scrambling it countless times, I did just that until my hands went numb. Right when I placed my Rubik's Cube in my bag, the bell rung, signaling the start of class. Seth shoved his bag beside his chair, winked at me, then sat down. We all waited for our class adviser to walk in in his normal fashion.

Our adviser, Mr. Arisato, strolled into the room with an unreadable expression. Okay, now, Mr. Arisato is NOT Japanese or Chinese. He's half Japanese, but he's fluent in English. Very fluent.

He greeted us all with a smirk. "Hellloooo everyone! Good morning! How are you all feeling?" We responded as a chorus. "Yes sir." "Wait, you answered yes to an open ended question? It's time for the consequence game!" Oh god. Everyone in the classroom shivered a little. Everyone hates the consequence game. That is, until you know you aren't the one chosen. Then it gets awesome.

Mr. Arisato picked a name from his cardboard box. He had some trouble reading it. He's a bit farsighted. "Reyna Frost!" Three seats to my left, Reyna squealed in surprise. He picked up the next name. "Chie Racca!" Two seats from my back, Chie poker faced.

Ohhh boy. This is gonna be hilarious. No one has seen two girls chosen in weeks. For some reason, the consequence is always funny and/or embarrassing whenever two girls are chosen. No, not THAT embarrassing. Get your head out of the gutter. And just as I expected, everyone burst into shock or laughter. Take your pick.

Mr. Arisato drew a consequence from his other box. He read the card with a look of shame and comical hilarity. "Do the tango while Baby by Justin Bieber with a cover by Devon Bostick is played?!"

Uh, I think Mr. Arisato was drunk when he wrote that one. That is just too specific, demeaning, hilarious, and embarrassing to manage to think up. But, it's a consequence, so it'll have to do. But still, that consequence is by far the worst one ever thought up.

Erm, to put it simply, the class literally exploded with laughter. I could even hear the faint sound of a window breaking. After class, I heard that someone on the other side of the TOWN woke up because of us. I even heard that Mr. Arisato broadcasted the consequence through the entire school. It would be weird if that guy DIDN'T wake up.

Chie and Reyna looked as pale as ghosts when they heard the consequence. They looked at each other, exchanged glances, and looked straight again. They didn't complain. I think they remember the noodle incident. It was, bar none, the most extreme consequence ever.

"Hmm…" Mr. Arisato said out of nowhere. "Does anyone have that song? Maybe the cover by Devon Bostick?" Resident popular annoying attention getter girl Catherine Foxe spoke up. "I'll do it! I have the song!" Everyone gasped at her sudden outburst. She was annoying, but she always claimed to hate Justin Bieber. She must have lied.

"Now, wait just a minute." Seth said. "You're lucky I have the DVD of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days right in my laptop. Want me to play it sir?" Mr. Arisato smiled. "That would be amazing. Chie, Reyna, let's hope you two know how to tango." Chie spoke up. "We do, sir. We were tango partners back in the 6th Grade." Mr. Arisato had a veritably crazy smile on his face. "Amazing! Excellent! Awesome! Superb!"

"Uh, sir," I said. "You might wanna get on with this." Mr. Arisato went back to normal. "Of course. Seth, play the track." "With pleasure." Seth replied. Seth booted up his laptop, loaded his DVD, skipped to the last part, put his speakers on full blast, and sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed.

I don't even need to explain how much everyone laughed and went wild. I swear, only the noodle incident can beat the reaction the Baby Tango got. I'm gonna put out some of the few highlights of the tango.


Caroline: *passes out*

Alexa: Ahahahahhahahhahahaahahahhah ahahhaha *chokes*

Reyna: I hope this is worth it.

Mr. Arisato: I'm beginning to wonder if I was drunk when I wrote this consequence. Hmm…

Paul: Sweet Christ on a bike... This is HILARIOUS AAHAHAHAHA.

Chie: Wheeeeeee!

After the Baby Tango, the symphony of laughter quickly turned into a chorus of hacking and coughing. Mr. Arisato was the first one to recover from the serious hilarity. I, for one, was deafened for about 5 minutes because of the euphoria.

"Okay guys. Get back to your seats. Chie, Reyna, thank you for the tango." He finally said. "Let's get on with class." After a rather boring lecture on cave systems, what to look out for when or if we go mining, and the occasional exploding cucumbers that might creep up on you, and the possibility of zombies, skeletons, zombie skeletons, spiders, giants, and giant spiders going to you and trying to kill you, many ores like iron, emeralds, and ironed emeralds we can possibly find, class ended.

Seth seemed to have a weird smile on him. I asked him why. "Dude." He said. "He was talking about Minecraft. This is Homeroom. Not Science." "Ohhh." I replied. "I was beginning to think of those weird exploding cucumbers. Sounds odd…" "Well anyway," He replied. " I'm gonna prepare for Math class. Hey, you got something that vibrates? We're testing out vibrations for some weird reason."

I had a weird smile on my face too. "Ask Caroline. She might have something." Seth seemed to get what I meant. We burst out laughing. "Now, I gotta go. See you." I said. "Bye Man!" He responded, still laughing.

As for me, I walked to my next class. Same old boring Math Class. You know what, I'm just gonna skip ahead to Phys Ed. Nothing interesting happened in Math Class. Only thing I learned was cubing binomials.

Okay, so I, Seth, and my friend Paul were changing in the changing rooms. We had to change into basketball shorts and a sweatshirt so we wouldn't sweat so much we were on the verge of suffocation.

Whoopee. Now I have to introduce Paul. I better introduce Reyna while I'm at it. Not gonna introduce Chie. She won't be important to this story. But I WILL introduce Mr. Arisato at some point in time. Hopefully within the next few chapters. Hopefully.

Paul Carter. He's the resident technical expert, tallest guy in my homeroom. He was the former student classroom president, succeeded by me. He's the older twin brother of Alexa, but they have opposite personalities for some reason. Reyna Frost, quite possibly the friendliest girl in my homeroom. She's about as tall as I am, as thin as Caroline, which is pretty small, and blonde hair that reaches her waist. This will be the last of introductions for a while, which is a rather big break for me. Whoopee.

"Hey Paul." Seth said. "How's Reyna?"

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that Reyna and Paul are a thing. Reyna was the former vice president, succeeded by Sasha Jameson. No, we aren't a thing either. Get your head out of the gutter. Do it for all of our sakes.

"Yeah?" Paul replied." "Oh. We're cool. Nothing much happening. She hasn't persuaded me, if you catch my drift." I spoke up. "She better not have. You're too young." Seth smirked a little. "We better get out of here. Coach Jericho will have our heads."

We went to the basketball court and met up with Coach Jericho. He gave us our instructions. "You, Green, Carter. Your team is with Chambers and Majors. Go out there and do good for once, okay? And you, Mister Student Council President. Don't shoot the ball into the opponent's ring. Again. Got it?" I nodded in shame and agreement. "Yes sir."

"Good." He said. "Get your asses out there! Chambers and Majors are waiting!" "Yes sir!" We all said in harmony.

As the game flew by, I was pretty much left in the dust. Seth was the star player, as usual, because he's pretty much a star athlete. I don't really do sports, but I'm quite good at hand to hand combat. And fire fighting, but I can't explain that. All in all, we won, I shot the last basket from the other side of the court, and we all ate after class. Delicious.

Skipping forward to tomorrow's lunchtime, me, Caroline, Seth, Alexa, Paul, and Reyna all went to our usual table and ate lunch over some talk. The usual stuff, school, relationships, Paul and Reyna's relationship, rumors about Caroline and I, Alexa failing at cooking really hard, and Seth's popularity with the Minecraft community of my school. The usual business.

"So..." Caroline muttered. "Any of you see weird cards with a number zero at the bottom?" I looked at her puzzled. "Nope. You must be imagining things, considering your cloudcuckoolander persona." Caroline looked indignant. "Says your face. Ass." Seth spoke up, "It's kinda true, Caroline. Sit down before you punch him in the face." Caroline sat down with an indignant look on her face. "Actually," Paul suddenly said. "I've seen one. Science class."

"Hmm..." Reyna hummed. "I haven't seen one. Eh, must be your imaginations." Paul and Caroline nodded. "Anyway," I spoke. "You guys want to hang out after school? I heard some weird arcanic shop opened, and we all know we love the mystery of Tarot Cards." Caroline squeed. "Oh my gosh! Do they tell you your Arcana?" I replied. "Yep. I saw it on the sign. It even reads auras. I didn't go in, because I wanted to bring all you guys here."

Reyna spoke. "Let's go after class. It's probably the most opportune time." Paul scratched his head. "You and your complicated words, dammit."

The bell rung a few minutes after we finished eating. "We better head to class." I said. Everyone nodded. You know what, screw this. I'm skipping to after class. I bet some of you reading want to see the shop scene, so I'm doing this juuuuust for you.

We all met outside the school. I spoke up first. "Let's head to that shop place. I heard they serve french fries with barbecue flavoring so good and spicy it'll burn your mouth." Seth looked ecstatic, mostly because he loves barbecue french fries. "Let's go there! I need my fries!" Seth burst out. "Let's go." Reyna said. We all headed to the shop.

Along the way, we met a few accidents. Seth tripped over a rock, causing Reyna to fall down on Caroline because she laughed too hard, Caroline's head hitting Paul's foot real hard causing his arm to reflex and hit me in the face, and I stepped back and caused Alexa to fall down along with me.

Elapsed time: 8 seconds. We don't know how we do that. Seriously.

"Augh..." Paul muttered. "That hurt. At least we're used to it..." Alexa stood up and said something. "We better not pull crap like this on the way back. My back can't take any more accidents." Reyna looked indignant. "Seth started it. He tripped on the rock." Seth sent in his rebuttal. "You laughed." Reyna looked down.

"Anyway," I said. "The shop is right beside us." Caroline looked to the right. "Oh, there it is!" She said. We all went in at Seth's command, practically pushed in there. While he was practically pushing us in there, he went on a rant about Arcanas and french fries. It was really, really annoying.

An old lady welcomed us in. "Hello, young sons and daughters of man. I am Lady Renecita. What brings you to my shop of the arcane?" I spoke. "Hello, Lady Renecita." I told her my name, and introduced the others.

"Ahhh. You all have such beautiful names. I see you are here to see your personal Arcanas, I suppose?" Lady Renecita inquired. "Since you are the first customers... You will receive it for free." We all looked like we were on ecstasy. Reyna spoke up. "So, who's first? Him?" Lady Renecita nodded. "Yes, the one who introduced you to me. Come here, young lad." I nodded and walked over there.

Lady Renecita sat down. "Now, close your eyes, and lay your hands on the table. I will predict your anomaly ridden future, and sense your initial Arcana." I raised an eyebrow. "Initial?" Lady Renecita nodded in approval. "Over time, your Arcana will develop and grow, and when it is maxed out, it will evolve and show your true potential." Everyone gasped. Caroline spoke up. "I didn't know there was more to that!" Lady Renecita looked back. "The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed, Miss Caroline. You are all familiar with the Minor Arcana, yes?" Caroline shook her head. "I don't think so."

Lady Renecita laughed. "Of course you should be. The 52 deck playing cards is actually the Minor Arcana deck!" Caroline gasped. "Ohhh. I see. So we were playing with the Minor Arcana ever since we were little, huh." Lady Renecita nodded. "Yes. Now, let me go with my reading."

Lady Renecita laid out 22 cards on the table, put her hands over my hands, and closed her eyes. After about 3 minutes, she opened her eyes. She spoke. "Now, child. Your Arcana..."

We all hoped for the best.

"Child," Lady Renecita spoke. "Your Arcana is the Justice."

We all gasped. Alexa said something in squee. "Lady Renecita, can you explain the Justice Arcana?" Lady Renecita nodded. "Of course. But first, keep this card with you." Lady Renecita handed me a card that had an odd design on it, with the roman numeral for 8 on the bottom. I think it was VIII.

"To put it simply, the Justice Arcana represents knowing the difference between right and wrong, good judgment, and a knack for leadership, in my eyes. However, those of the Justice may pose insecurity and pessimism. Does this young man match any of the criteria?" Lady Renecita said. We all nodded. "Very good. Miss Caroline, please come here and repeat the steps taken.

Caroline went over. "Yes, Lady Renecita." Caroline walked over, rinsed and repeated. Lady Renecita opened her eyes. "Miss Aquarius..." Caroline responded quietly."...Yes?" "Your Arcana..."

" the Lovers." Caroline looked shocked. "But... I'm not the most romantic person here! Well, maybe with him, but we're platonic. I swear." I followed up. "Yep. Totally." Lady Renecita smirked. "Young lady, the Lovers Arcana, in the past, was not just about love. The Lovers represent choices. The main characteristics of one of the Lovers are good at choosing the correct choice or option, being romantic, and is beautiful or handsome. However, a downside of that is they might pose insecurity, like one of the Justice, and they might become overly attached to others so much that they will break down if the one she or he loves is lost."

Caroline winced. "Damn, that's pretty sweet, but it's also pretty balanced. So, all Arcanas have upsides and downsides?" Lady Renecita nodded. "Yes. Yes they do. Most have good meanings, but others have bad. Let's hope none of you get the Tower or the Devil." Seth raised an eyebrow. "What about the Moon or the Death?" Lady Renecita shook her head. "The Moon Arcana isn't necessarily evil. It just represents illusions and lies. But, the illusions may be good or bad, which makes it not so evil. For the Death Arcana, it symbolizes beginnings and ends. It rarely means true death, or loss of someones life.

Paul asked a question. "Before Seth's reading, can you explain the Fool Arcana? I'm a bit confused. Does it really symbolize endless possibilities? Is it really containing infinte ends and beginnings?" Lady Renecita nodded. "Yes. The Fool Arcana is nothingness, yet it is also everything. Quite a paradox, no?"

We all nodded. Seth spoke up. "Time for my reading?" Lady Renecita nodded again. Sheesh, she nods so much. "Yes. Mister Green, please come over here and rinse repeat. This won't take long. If I had to guess, your Arcana would be the Magician." Seth nodded. "Now, come over here."

Seth went over and rinse repeated. After some time, Lady Renecita opened her eyes. "My hunch was wrong. Seth is of the Wheel of Fortune Arcana. Seth looked confused. "What exactly does the Wheel of Fortune represent?" Lady Renecita replied. "The Wheel of Fortune represents fate, chances, and like the lovers, choices. I sense you will have control over your fate, but yours will be more concentrated that everyone else. But, if you make a mistake, terrible things will happen." Seth nodded.

Alexa went over to Lady Renecita. "Lady Renecita, it is my turn now. Correct?" Lady Renecita... You know what, you already know what I'm going to say, "Yes. Come here, Miss Carter."

After the reading, Lady Renecita stood up. "Oh? Your Arcana is quite suiting your personality.." Alexa looked shocked. "Suiting? How?" "You have the Chariot Arcana. I understand you are quite hyperactive, victorious, and funny, but you are conceited, vain, and selfish, am I not mistaken?" Alexa gulped. "You are... Absolutely correct. Jeez, you are really good at this." Lady Renecita grinned. "I am quite old in this business. My own final Arcana is the Temperance, and my initial was the High Priestess, but that is irrelevant."

Paul went forward and performed his reading. Lady Renecita spoke once again. " Ah, Mister Carter. Your Arcana is the Hanged Man." Paul didn't look surprised. "I expected that. Let me guess, I will sacrifice much in my future, I may not be able to do anything sometimes,but my perseverance will push me through. Am I right?" Lady Renecita looked stunned for a moment. "You... You may be a rather good medium. You want to be my apprentice?" We all burst out laughing. Even Paul did.

Reyna took her reading. I'm not even going to repeat myself again. "Reyna," Lady Renecita said. "Your Arcana appears to be the Empress. I take that it is quite obvious. Now now, the Empress Arcana represents motherly feelings, responsibility, and levelheadedness. But, it also harbors some sexuality and a burden of emotions." Reyna nodded.

Lady Renecita said something else. "Now, I have something to tell you all." We all looked at her. "You all have the Fool Arcana as a group, but not individually. I cannot explain why, but you six might be able to go on the Fool's Journey." We all looked up in shock. Paul was the most shocked. "For real? The Fool's Journey... Wow..." Lady Renecita nodded again. "I also have read your auras while I was reading your Arcana. I can also tell you the natural element you are most compatible with." Alexa sniffed. "You really are some sort of legend, huh."

Lady Renecita appeared to remember something. "Ah, yes. I have a special card that can let you see the Arcanas of other people. I don't know why I didn't do this right now. I must be senile..." We all broke into laughter. Lady Renecita handed me the card. "I have only two, but since you are all so accommodating, I will give one to you." I smiled. Seth looked a bit jealous. "Why him?"

Lady Renecita looked at Seth. "I sense a great power within this young man. A power none of you have." I gasped. "What is it?" Lady Renecita shook her head. "That will be for you to find out, young man. Now, do you want me to tell you your respective auras?" We all nodded in approval.

"Young man, please come here." Lady Renecita said when she looked at me. "You have the rarest of all auras. I have only seen one in my entire life. But the one who harbored it in the past has passed now, so you are the lone bearer of this aura." I raised an eyebrow. "What is my aura? How special is it?"

Lady Renecita stood up. "Young man, your aura is the Golden Aura."

We all gasped. Alexa had to stifle a scream. "The Golden Aura, I've read about that aura. I hear it symbolizes leadership, command, love, peace, and all in all justice. I hear that if someone gets the Golden Aura, they will go on the Fool's Journey with his or her companions. But the downside to the Golden Aura is that if his or her loved one dies or goes missing, he or she will do anything to get him or her back, and if they don't they will be lost to the world. Am I not mistaken?" Alexa said.

Lady Renecita looked shocked. "Miss Carter, you and your brother make very good mediums. Do you want to be under my wing?" We all burst out into laughing, again. Caroline fell on me laughing and everyone laughed harder. Caroline didn't want to get up, so I had to stay under her until we left.

Oh God, that sounded wrong. Forget I ever said that. Please.

We were all thinking the same thing, but Seth found the conclusion first. "So, we're going to go on the Fool's Journey?! Sweet!" Lady Renecita looked down. "The Fool's Journey is, in all honesty, dangerous. You will find many travails during your travel. Bad things might happen, and I predict, that one of you will die."

The temperature in the room must have dropped 40 degrees when she said that. Reyna snapped out of shock first. "One of us... will die?! What!?" Lady Renecita nodded. "I can predict that. But, I do not know who will die. But, I can assure you. One of you six will die."

Seth gulped. "Damn... That bites." Alexa followed up. "That's... terrible..." Paul sniffed. "You don't say, little sis." Alexa frowned. "Stop calling me that! You're only 3 minutes older than me." Paul chuckled. Lady Renecita spoke. "As for Caroline, she possesses the Cobalt Aura.

Caroline smiled. "Sweet! ...So... What is it about?" Lady Renecita looked at her. "The Cobalt Aura is blue, with small mixtures of red and yellow. Caroline is mostly calm, but she can be energetic, outspoken, and hyperactive. But, with all these emotions, she might confuse herself too much and explode when provoked. Am I correct?" We all nodded. "Well, I can see Miss Aquarius being the mediator of your party."

Lady Renecita faced Seth this time. "Mister Green, you have the Evergreen Aura, as if that wasn't obvious enough. You have a very level head, can be very calm, and is overall a reserved but wise person. But, occasionally, your reflexes might not be enough in battle." Seth looked happy and sad at the same time. How...?

Lady Renecita faced Alexa. "Miss Carter, you have the Scarlet Aura. You're very hyperactive and fun to be around, and you are a good leader and very sporty. But, you might be too rash and often jump into things without thinking. Am I correct?" Alexa nodded. "You are magic." Lady Renecita smiled.

Lady Renecita faced Paul this time. "Mister Carter, you possess the Black Aura." Paul nodded. Lady Renecita spoke more. "The Black Aura is usually shown by pessimistic attitudes, a good sense of humor, and social justice. But, your optimism is rather lacking, and you might discourage your party." Paul didn't appear surprised.

For the last time, Lady Renecita faced Reyna. "Miss Frost, you obviously have the White Aura. You are very friendly, trusting, trustworthy, a good leader, and a bit cold on the outside. However, you might trust someone you shouldn't and screw everything up." Reyna nodded.

Lady Renecita sat down. "For your elements, The young man has fire, of all things, Miss Aquarius undoubtedly has water, Seth has earth, of course, Alexa has wind, Paul has electricity, and Reyna has ice. I'm pretty sure your surnames might have something to do with it." No one appeared surprised except me. I was kinda shocked. I didn't know I would get fire. I thought I would get wind.

Lady Renecita stood up this time. "Now, does anyone want to buy some barbecue french fries? I have the best flavoring. We all raised our hands and bought the biggest one. For each of us. We don't know how or why, but we can all be mistaken as sextuplets. Not by face, but by personality and preferences. We don't complain. We're as close as siblings. Seth bought three of the french fries servings, and ate them all before we could finish ours. He's addicted, no doubt.

We bid Lady Renecita goodbye and exited the shop.

Along the way to the dorm, Paul said something. "I think we've been playing too much Persona. I replied. "Duh. I got a level 99 Yoshitsune with Debilitate and Hassou Tobi, man. And Power Charge for that extra smash." Reyna sniffed. "Screw that. I got a level 99 Naoto with Yamato Sumeragi with Megidolaon, Shield of Justice, and all the -dyne spells." Caroline laughed. "Hah, I got a level 99 Izanagi with Thunder Reign." We all looked at her and screamed, "HACKER!" Caroline raised her hands up in mock surrender. And finally, Seth spoke up. "I got a level 82 Trumpeter with Megidolaon, Heat Riser, and Debilitate." We all looked at him in contempt. I talked back. "Yoshitsune can have both Debilitate and Heat Riser you know. And it has Hassou Tobi to boot. Plus, Chie with Haraedo-no-Okami has a party wide Heat Riser which is expensive as balls." Alexa laughed. "I must be the only one here who plays Persona 3. At least I have an Orpheus Telos with Ragnarok, Thunder Reign, Panta Rhei, Niflheim, and Morning Star." We all laughed too. If you understand this, props to you.