The blades of grass gently tickle my feet,

And although not cold,

My feet are numbed slowly by the wind.

My nose given the kind, comforting perfume of the plants,

The scent of the air, cool and sharp,

Wrapping my sense in a paradise of my very own,

Lulling me into a sweet daydream,

My sight a gift of vibrant flowers, fruitful trees,

My ears gifted with whistling wind,

A music box of rustling leaves,

The natural music of chirping birds,

As a melodic symphony,

And my body,

With the freedom that some say they long for,

But yet they do not seek,

This Moment of Perfection?

I'm really pleased with how this turned out :3 I don't know if I should class this as 'life' or 'nature'...