Weeks had passed and I hadn't seen him. I'd get the odd text now and again but no phone calls. I started to wonder whether it was all just a joke. If it was, it was a pretty sick one. That moment my phone rang. It was his number I saw on the screen! I ran for the phone and dive-bombed my bed. I composed myself and then answered the phone with what was supposed to be a casual "hello". That wasn't the case… unfortunately.

We spoke for what seemed like hours but only a few minutes had passed. The only thing we really spoke about was whether I was ok. I was now that I could hear his soft, mellow voice. But he wasn't here. He hadn't been here for weeks and I couldn't forget that by getting lost in his dreamy voice. I would say dreamy eyes but you know… I asked where he had been. He said he'd been "busy". Yeah right. He told me his address. I don't know why, maybe for future reference. Cheeky.

Suddenly there was a huge thump on his end of the line. I screamed his name down the phone, but there was no answer. I hung up, grabbed my shoes and headed for the door.

I ran through the derelict streets until I reached his house. The door was open. I was scared to go in, but I knew in my heart and my head that I had to.