Holly, I miss you and I don't want to.
I want this feeling to pass like other things
Like the season change when
Leaves fold into brown
The passing of sound when the stations switch
Like a song that I can't get out of my head,
You're hovering.

I thought releasing troubled ones
In my life would ease this throbbing pain,
So I threw you away. I tried
To ignore you in return
But the love you shared still runs through me
Hovering like clouds of thunder and rain.

Holly, you're hovering.

A thousand things have happened inside;
I've been hurt and bruised so terribly.
Let me crawl into your lap and cry
Like I had done many times before.

Can you sing that my troubles will pass
Like the minute hand?
Sing, "Your eyes will dry, my darling girl."
The things recollected are hovering.

Holly, yes, you are hovering.

I used to run to tell you everything,
But you threw me away.
You gave up on me.
So tell me, Holly, knowing you're the one
Who hurt and bruised me terribly, why
I miss you like I buried you yesterday,
Why I long to be in your life like the child
I once pretended to be.
Holly, my friend, you are hovering
And I miss you.